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acupunctureHi everybody! Jeanasina here! I have been incognito for about a year. When I lost my job I kind of lost myself. During the long period of time that I stopped writing here on Megs, I pretty much turned to my best friend (FOOD) for comfort, for pretty much everything! I love food! My ideal weight is pretty much 135; but I’m 62 years old and the old metabolism has definitely left the building and just after Christmas I was up to 167 pounds! I kept buying bigger and bigger jeans and my last pair was a size 18. I’m only 5’4” so that’s a lot of weight for me. I needed to do something to get myself back again. This is about my journey to do just that.

I’m doing something I never thought I’d do! I’m getting Acupuncture! To Lose Weight! First off…I’m not a big needle fan. For years I equated ‘shots or needles’ with ‘FAINTING’. Here comes a needle, here comes my head hitting the pavement! I remember a friend telling me about getting Acupuncture and the mere ‘mind image’ of what my friend probably looked like with dozens of needles sticking all over her….well frankly – I absolutely didn’t want to go there! I remember sticking my fingers in my ears singing “LALALALALALA” really loud so I wouldn’t hear her descriptions of the procedure.

I was pondering every diet plan endorsement I watched on TV. Then one day, out of no-where I thought the word “Acupuncture!” I looked at the Ba-zillion reviews for Acupuncture places and came to one that appeared to me to be the ‘real deal’. I made an appointment and got a ‘consultation’. The actual Acupuncturist I see is a man. He’s tall and lean and very purposeful. The clinic is very spiritual and there is no laughing going on. But I wasn’t there to have fun, I went there to seek help. The acupuncturist answered all my questions like “IS THIS GOING TO HURT BAD?” He calmly mentioned that several Acupuncture
needles could fit into the eye of a needle! Then he stuck one in his hand while I watched and his look pretty much said “Look! I feel no pain!” He made it look effortless!!! Still, I was not compelled to yell out..“Let me try it!”.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss is not cheap! It’s also not covered by insurance! You gotta REALLY want it! The acupuncturist told me he thought he could help me to lose weight and to STOP binge eating and to STOP overeating! Yes! I am admitting this! I do these things! Food has always been the one constant that makes me feel good while I’m eating it! So often food helps me get through being somewhere I don’t want to be or especially if I’m stressed! I described to my acupuncturist ALL the goodies that I crave constantly! We talked about
cake and cookies and chocolate and ice cream and Hostess Snowballs! Did I really want this guy to FIX my total enjoyment of those foods? Oh! And my love of eating vats of popcorn smothered in real butter! It definitely wasn’t going to be easy… Could I really have a lovely thick piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in front of me and not EAT IT! I really couldn’t imagine NOT needing to consume any of those things! Sometimes those very treats are the best part of my day! I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool, if after I got
Acupuncture, every time I saw a malted milk shake or a frosted cake donut, that I’d picture myself drinking a vat of lard or biting into a rubber dog toy? That’s not how it works…but I was hoping! It would make it SO much easier to not want to eat processed JUNK!

As Mandy Ingber of Yogalosophy says…“I want my body to feel as good as it possibly can!” I would LOVE to feel that about my own body! I am coming to realize that, this is exactly what acupuncture is all about! Making your body feel as good as it possibly can!

In the meantime…I go twice a week and the good Doctor of Acupuncture calmly sticks needles into and around my ears and in my arms and hands and in my legs. Not once have I screamed! The needles are NOTHING compared to getting a tattoo! It’s a walk in the park in case you were wondering about that!

I never fall asleep during my session but I think a lot of other people who enjoy resting in a serene environment for 30-40 minutes with their eyes closed do! Then there is the part later that day when you feel inexplicably happy!! You go around actually telling people that you are HAPPY!! You feel that good! They say that this is like a runner’s high – after experiencing it I wish I had started running when I was young! No wonder all those people KEEP running over and
over, year after year! Anyway…the up feeling you get sometimes from Acupuncture is pretty great! I spent an entire day recently, after an appointment, filled with energy! I actually told my husband I’d shovel(something I never ever do!) and I did the entire driveway and yard and then I did it again the next day! It’s really exhilarating to feel SO good that you want to USE your body and dance or walk or jump or something that involves doing something with the wonderful energy you are feeling!

My acupuncturist told me that my liver is very ‘wet’. “Wet” is not a good thing in Acupuncture! “Picture a humid dank swamp.” he said to me. That’s how my liver is. I’m a woman running around with a muck filled sopping wet liver inside my body! Not good I’m thinking! He explained about the need for ‘chi’ to be able to move around and is helping me create a healthy body.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but I thought I’d see if anyone was interested to know more about how it works and what I’m doing.

I’m making changes – I am hopeful that they will make a change in me! Well that’s it for today. I have more to tell if any of you are interested!

Have any of you tried acupuncture?

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