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jasonsunblockStacy B here! What is going on in my neck of the woods? Massachusetts is not known for devastating weather. Sure, we have winters with a lot of snow and it can get cold, but put on a sweater, spike your hot chocolate and you’re fine. I’ve spent my life watching the news from other parts of the country quietly thankful we don’t deal with the worst of Mother Nature, but apparently this year is different.  We had record breaking snow this winter, a tornado a few months ago, there’s a hurricane coming, we have had multiple weeks with days over 100 degrees and Tuesday…we had an EARTHQUAKE. An earthquake. That shook Boston. Bostonians don’t feel the ground move. Ever. We can battle through a blizzard with the best of them, but the ground stays put. I had friends in LA laughing at us for freaking out over a few tremors that not everyone actually felt but you know what? If two inches of snow hits LA someday and I’ll be laughing at them just the same.Wink
I’m going to pretend this all isn’t happening and what’s left of my too-short summer is going to be warm, sunny and gorgeous. I am going to soak up the rays for a couple more weekends before my focus shifts to apple picking and football. Even though it’s late in the summer, sunblock is still important. And products that are better for us never go out of style. This past weekend I tried Jason Sunblock on myself and my 2-year-old son, Kyle. My 2-year-old who absolutely hates having what he calls ‘sun tan lotion’ rubbed on him. I can barely get the bathing suit out of the closet before he’s telling me there will be no sun tan lotion. It’s a wrestling match to get it on him. We’ve been using Banana Boat’s SPF 50 for kids, but I know it’s full of chemicals. This isn’t nearly as bad. It’s oxybenzone and paraben free and has natural UVA/UVB fighters in it like Green Tea, grape seads and acai extracts.
The best part about this is that it’s not too thick. With the Banana Boat I really had to rub it in and with a lightening fast kid who is stronger than he looks, most times he was a streaky mess running down the beach with his crazy mother sprinting after him screeching “Get back here you little monster!” (I’m a good mom, really!) This rubbed in much quicker and wasn’t streaky or greasy at all. I finished almost before Kyle realized I was applying it! It wasn’t sticky either. All Kyle had to do was look at sand with the Banana Boat stuff and he was covered in it. The Jason sunblock absorbed fast and didn’t attract sand or dirt.
Kyle had no sunburn or even a dot of pink after a full day outside in and out of the water. His skin didn’t feel sticky or suffocated at the end of the day and his skin washed clean in the tub that night. I really liked this for him. It’s geared toward “family” meaning it’s good for kids, athletes, moms, dads, anyone. One product in my bag for everyone? Sold.
With this tube I also got an SPF 25 lip balm. It was pretty good, too, my lips felt smooth and moisturized. But, it was a really strong peppermint flavor which was a bit heavy for the beach for me. I like light and fruity on a summer day. The scent of the sunblock was very light and summery. A little coconut-y and fruity. I’ll be using this for the rest of our summer, provided the weather behaves…
I had never heard of this brand before but I think I really like it. Does anyone else have any natural sun products they love?

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