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The sweet smelling and luxurious beauy maven Emily at Jaqua sent out a variety of their gorgeous body butters, shower gels, lotions and cremes, all in the Pink Potion scent. I remember Jaqua from when they first arrived on the scene. I used to think their products were ok, I was never particularly bowled over by them. Either my memory is failing me or Jaqua really revamped and upped the indulgence factor here.

First off, the packaging is so lovely, not modern and sleek, more ladies powder room. I knew as soon as we put the choices on the table at our mailing what I wanted. The Pink Potion Shower Creme was calling my name! Desertdoll may have her gloss addiction, actually it seems a bunch of you have this same ailment. Me? I’ve slowly been turning into a shower creme/gel collector. Mix this newest fetish with my love for all white blooms and this choice was a no-brainer. You see, the Pink Potion line is billed as “Luxuriate in the garden of white florals and amber that is Pink Potion, our magically enchanting new fragrance with the power to put you under its spell”. Sold! The more in-depth description of my newest shower obsession? “A rich and creamy shower wash filled with an intoxicating mix of jasmine, tuberose, clove and Indian Mimosa and packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients such as fruit and aloe extracts, macadamia, kukui and evening primrose oil and vitamins B5, A and E. Turn your shower into an exotic vacation!”

I’m beyond happy wih my choice! It lathers up perfectly and the scent is beautiful. No worries about HOM using it all up on me either! It’s distinctly feminine scent and pink tube is safely all mine.

Ladies, please let us know exactly what gorgeous Jaqua product you were lucky enough to indulge in!


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