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Nick here! The male is a strange animal of habit and the one thing we don’t spend time thinking about is changing what ain’t broke. That is why we don’t really switch up our hygienic (refrain from calling them beauty products around men) staples. The main staple in a man’s arsenal besides soap is deodorant…and let’s be honest we wouldn’t even use it if we could get away with it. Honestly I rarely use it as it is unless I’m going to work or leaving the house…sorry Meg you wanted to live with a guy. I’ve used the same brand of deodorant for the last 10 years and the only reason I chose it in the first place is because they told me that it was the official deodorant of NASA. So if I’m not going to achieve my childhood dream of being an astronaut I sure as hell am going to smell like one. ( I’m literally listening to the theme song of Apollo 13 as I type). 

Now the best way to get a man to try something new is to introduce a FREE product ( so ladies this will cost you but hell it’s an investment like painting your house or gardening) when they are close to running out of their current one. That is how Meg got me to change deodorants (or maybe it was a hint that I don’t wear it enough). I remember toweling off after a nice shower and looking in my cabinet to realize that my deodorant stick was out but conveniently next to the empty stick was a brand new shiny blue stick of Jack Black’s Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant. How did Meg know that my second childhood dream was to be a race car driver. I’ve driven with him, let’s all just be thankful his dream is “producer.” Ladies, don’t laugh you  can rule a man’s heart and emotions by humoring their childhood dreams. I just gave you the key to running the world…you can thank me later.Thanks Nick, we had no idea that “humoring a man” could be helpful in getting what we want. No idea. Newsflash, ladies. 

The first thing I do before using Jack Black’s Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant is smell it…naturally. I notice that it actually has a subtle soapy scent which is much different than the heavily perfumed deodorants found in those horrible pharmaceutical stores (Meg, haven’t I come a long way…you’ve instilled this snobbery in me). Beaming with pride. Beaming…The mild scent of Jack Black is great because it leaves such a fresh neutral smell that I can feel comfortable using a cologne without the fear that it will conflict with another pungent fragrance. The most important feature though in any deodorant is the one apply a day. Guys hate reapplying deodorant throughout the day fearing that their appliance that morning is failing them. My last deodorant failed me once and it’s the worst feeling knowing you’re so vulnerable…that is why the true test of any deodorant is seeing if it lasts all day. I have to say that Jack Black is truly a boss of the pit because I wore it through a couple of runs and was pleasantly surprised that I could sit on the couch next to Meg without her any of the wiser. You pick your battles.Is your man a real man’s man, then even better, because Jack Black Pit Boss is paraben-free –which is a chemical that mimics estrogen and is found in many deodorants — so Jack Black is as manly as it gets. 

The one downfall of Jack Black is that they don’t make pit boss in a bigger stick so if you’re reading this Jack I need more pit boss.  P.S. Loved you in School of Rock. I’ve told you THREE times already that it’s not the same-nevermind.

What deodorant is your guy using and Valentine’s Day is coming up? Who is thinking of gifting their guy with some great “man product” he’ll secretly love you for it!

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