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INCOCO DRY NAIL APPLIQUE! Introducting Intern Eleni-New Megs Makeup Family Member!

INCOCO DRY NAIL APPLIQUE! Introducting Intern Eleni-New Megs Makeup Family Member!

Sup girls, this is Eleni, the new addition to Meg’s drunken dysfunctional makeup testing group.

This collaboration is a product of mutual love. I love them. They love me. We love makeup. Having worked as a magazine beauty editor, there’s something irresistible about the “you can write the truth” statement coming from Megan’s lips, that makes you HAVE to be a part of this – here I am.

When I first got the Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué in my hands, I didn’t believe in it. I believed in the pleasure of unpacking it and using it even if it failed to compete with my Chanel nail polish, but I did not believe in it for what it was.

There’s something almost religious about the ritual of unpacking makeup – and when it comes to makeup that has 6 different things included in a tiny box, the ritual gives an out-of-this-world pleasure.

I don’t know what it is with us women and little cute things. We buy a $200 eye cream and are ecstatic on the phone with our mom because “it even has a nice little spatula”. It should have a fairy attached that applies it on your eyes for $200 if you ask me. We buy blush and when we see the little cute -and totally unusable- dwarf brush in the packaging we go bananas with pleasure. It still feels a bit like preparing a tea party for our Barbie doll using her kitchenware, or maybe it is a projection thing since we are the ones that want to be little and cute.

For whatever reason, unpacking the Incoco’s Color Enamel Strips kit sent me to that place. That happy for the little cute things place. I found enclosed:
1. A Polish Removal Cloth, safely sealed.
2. A French Nail Strip sample.
3. A pink and purple mini file (the cutest).
4. A cuticle stick.
5. A silver tape for resealing the package.
6. Color Nail Strips of course.

The color of choice, “Flaunt”, which is exactly like Chanel’s “Splendeur” with sparkles added. There was no time for mistakes. I had dinner plans in half an hour which gave me enough time to fix my nails but not enough time or courage to correct my mistakes.

I approached the whole procedure with the mentality of a brain surgeon.

I got rid of my multicolored sample nails that I’ve been sporting for a week, buffed and smoothed my nails with the mini file (a huge sacrifice if files make you cry), opened the Color Nail Strips package and with a trembling hand got my first nail appliqué.

I was amazed. It stuck on my nail so well, the excess appliqué came out so easily, without any rugged ends or mishaps. For a moment I hated myself for not having tried that earlier.

And then something happened. The rest of the nails happened.

You see, with one strip already stuck on my thumb, the rest of the strips kept touching it and sticking on it first and then I had to unstick them and show them the right nail. I wish I had four hands to do it, but I only got two and pretty clumsy ones. But this has to do with me not the product – and still, to its defense, even though almost every nail got stuck and unstuck at least 3 times, when it finally reached its destination it firmly stayed there.

The product’s only actual problem was that since my nails are pretty big (not long, big), the only strip that could cover 100% of my nail was the thumb one – for the rest I had to improvise and use some strips sideways.

But, hell, I’m good with improv, and I still made it to dinner with the most perfect manicure in LA for that night.

Summing it up girls

It’s fast, not messy and already dry!
It lasts LONG

You need to use a file to file off the excess – and that’s traumatic if you hate files.
It’s a bit more time consuming than the painting your nails.
If you’re clumsy, don’t bother.

If you have small or short nails, you can use one strip for two.
If your nails are wide, you can use a strip sideways, it still works!
Be careful when you detach the strip from the paper – do it slowly because sometimes part of it remains there!

Ladies, did you love your Incoco or are you staying with the tried and true wet bottle?

Incoco Dry Nail- Buy it Here!


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