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Ladies, so sorry this is so late! It seems like “When it rains it pours!!” We have been having so many readers it crashed the site! Bear with me! The best is yet to come!

Meg here to talk about Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods. I am a new Meg. I am a big girl. I have a new place and a great job and a need to go to the grocery store. I am so in love with Whole Foods, I’m not even a foodie but I get almost the same rush as when I walk into Sephora.

I spent almost 40 minutes in their beauty aisle tonight. There was Organic Apoteke that we knew and ofcourse a lot of old faves like Pacifica and Weleda they even had our recent fave California Baby It was like being in a Sephora! A delicious smelling, all natural Sephora with a soup, salad and taco bar! Could you just die of happiness? If I could have walked over to the liquor aisle, popped open a bottle of bubbly, strolled over and made myself a taco and then spend the rest of the night reading labels and sniffing lotions I woud have been in Heaven! Drinkies, food and products? Fantastic!

I couldn’t believe all of the brands I had never heard of before and am eager to try each one. I had some sushi, some rose brut and soon~some Hugo Naturals Shower Gel in French Lavender. I am Meg. I get sent so many beauty products I never buy anything. I had to buy this though. First of all, it said “calming” on the bottle. I’ve been going through a bunch of changes lately and “calming” time is my 5 minutes under a steaming shower. If this HUGE bottle (seriously-it’s huge 16 oz-could bring me more tranquility at $8.99 then I’m in!) Also, I’ve never heard a peep out of this line and I love to discover new, green, easy to find and inexpensive luxuries!

The verdict? I got home. Hopped into my hot shower, let the craziness of the day just melt away and then I applied my brand-new Hugo Naturals Shower Gel in French Lavender. Heres what I found, it’s great for summer, it’s light all the way arounds and lathers and soaps up quickly. It came out clear, I equate clear with light and and airy.In the winter I like a creamier, thicker gel~whiter gel. This one wouldn’t cut it in the cold months but since its packed with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera it feels refreshing and left my skin hydrated and smooth.

Here’s what Hugo Naturals says about their French Lavender Shower Gel “A handcrafted blend of vegan, cruelty-free ingredients to gently cleanse your skin. Enriched with pure essential oils and botanical extracts that work to hydrate and replenish essentiantal nutrients.”

Ladies, let me know what other brands I need to check out at Whole Foods and if anyone else loves Hugo Naturals?

Hugo Naturals Buy It Here! Or go to my new favorite place~Whole Foods!

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