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Meg here! Social media is here and here to stay (LIKE). You can try to “go off the grid.” When I do, it means I left my iphone in the kitchen while I slept in the bedroom. I’m the type of person that would probably last an entire 15 minutes in The Witness Protection Program. Facebook Status Update “Can’t believe the FBI put me in Birmingham. Any fun places to go out?”

By the way, if you need a Social Media expert, check out my buddy Jen Mathews who runs a great firm Top Tier Media. She dreams in #hashtag.

I spend more time than I care to admit scrolling about the newsfeed and I always am intrigued by the postings on Margarita Bloom. When someone tells you to “Eat Diamonds For Breakfast So You Sparkle All Day.” You know already they’re giving you sound advice.

With my expert sleuthing skills (It was really difficult 🙂 I was able to find out Margarita Bloom is a luxurious world of retro bath and skin care. It is really hard to go on this adorable site and find a collection that doesn’t “speak” to your inner pin-up. Categories like “Hollywoodland” all the way to “The Bakery” make it more like an enjoyable peep show than an e-commerce experience! Let’s be honest, I get sent just about every beauty product that comes out. Me buying a beauty product is like an Eskimo buying ice, a China man buying tea, a Kardashian acting authentic. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself. I pictured Miss Margarita Bloom next to her surely claw-footed tub (most likely under a chandelier or next to a candlelabra) sipping champagna and whipping these potions just for me! In case you were wondering, I also had her dressed in a fluffy pink robe with marabou and crystaled, high heeled slippers. 

Maybe, if I placed an order she would invite me over for caviar crepes the following Sunday?

Without further ado, I placed several orders! 

In no time at all, a lovingly wrapped packaged came to me with a beautiful note and inside were items so pretty I didn’t want to use them. It felt like using the hand towels in the guest bathroom. Then I remembered I didn’t have a guest bathroom…

Margarita Bloom did not dissapoint. The inside of the products felt as good as the outside labels suggested. Just today I used my Malibu Body Oil (LOVE.) The Irish Catholic in e felt guilty about enjoying all of these wonderful items for myself. That’s another plus about this company. The WOW! Factor for gifts. These are not some body items that you can pick up at your local Bath & BodyWorks. They really look like someone put actual time and care and LOVE into each item-because Miss Margarita Bloom did!

I was so excited with my Facebook find! Some other women I have gotten to know over Facebook (I’m a sucker for a funny post) also run wonderful sites. I’m adding them here because I know you all love to click as much as I do! They know all things BEAUTY! Here (in absolutely no order) are the women that inspire me! I’m sure you’ve heard of them but if you havent-I’ll send you my address foe where you can mail my “thank you” card off to!

What beauty products has the interwebs lead you to that you would not have heard about before? Let me know what I’m missing!

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