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yuzuMeg here! It’s a cool and crisp 50 degrees in NYC. This is where I’ve been for the past week. This is where I’m thinking the unthinkable, I have to stop running around the city in heels. I currently have really attractive band-aids on my scraped up knees. Last night I went for a cocktail at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking Lincoln Center…In sneakers. It’s come to this.

I love heels. Love them. I’ve also never had too much of a problem scooting around the city in them. It’s just so strange, my feet and legs have decided to revolt.  I’ve given up. I’m not putting them back on unless I’m doing direct car door to door service and knowing that I’ll have a seat saved for me once I get where I’m going.

Last night was alright, after I had my cocktail I made my way over to the movie theater and got home without hitting the pavement once. My shoes? No they’re no longer Prada, they’re Puma.

My actual tootsies? They’re still in recovery mode. At the beginning of the week, I shoved them into a pair of fabulous sky high boots to run through the streets. I’m pretty sure I’ve shifted bones in there at this point. My entire body is sore. It’s with great pleasure I can review Heal My Sole!

Since I have been globe trotting this year, I have become an expert packer! No, not a light packer, but an “expert” one. I packed Heal My Sole’s Yuzu Lotion. thinking “this may come in handy.” Maybe I had a premonition my sole was going to be screaming for a cure?

I’ve been breaking out this bottle and it’s been fabulous! The Yuzu scent is refreshing and gives a recharged feel. It’s helping my tired and weary bones relax. It’s like Heal My Sole was made custom, just for me! The good news is that they’re also custom-just for you!

From luscious lotions to candles to bug spray, Heal My Sole is made naturally and by hand. There are popular blends that are their bestseller’s, but you can create your very own!

My tired toes are looking a lot less beat up with my fabulous Yuzu lotion. I’m also happy to support products that are made as such a labor of love. This holiday season, I’m going to be buying from more small business owners. I’ve been finding some real gems.

Check out Heal My Sole and let me know what you think! I’m going to be off and running now, just not on 6 inches! Kiss

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