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Meg here pale, Irish and sunburn prone Meg. I don’t feel bad that I am not a golden glistening goddess-because I can be! Well, not a natural one. Natural is so overrated anyway. With all of the ways to look tan (tons reviewed here by yours truly) there is NO EXCUSE for a sunburn. None, I mean it. I will go over there and gift you a swift kick if I see your skin burnt up by all those aging harmful UV rays!

On Megsmakeup, we think there are few things worse then looking bad. Shallow? Um yeah, you’re reading a makeup site written by a lady with saline implants and acrylic nails in Los Angeles. Hello..

Oh wait, I have something worse then looking bad Skin Cancer! Oh yes, that will make you look terrible. Oh wait, it will also kill you. Get that last line? You’re perfect tan isn’t doing you any favors once your skin starts being grafted and cut out. May is officially Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Check yourself and look for any moles or any spots after reading this post please. Takes 5 minutes. You know what else takes 5 minutes? Applying sunblock.

If you have been advised to stay out of the sun (hmm everyone), have had skin cancer removed or got a summer job as a lifeguard~You need to be protected. I am pleased to introduce you to Hawaiian Island Creations SPF 50! Here’s the deal, there are loads of SPF 50’s out there but the real important question to ask is..How long does it last? HIC bonds to the skin and doesn’t wash off. The staying power of this stuff is crazy-it’s sweat and water proof and lasts all day!

Here’s a little tidbit, you know that tiny little TV show LOST? Well, filming in the hot sun all day was causing the cast and crew to turn into lobsters! After hearing that HIC was the rage with all the professional surfers on the Big Island…Lost became found! They are never without their HIC.

Here’s what HIC says “The formulation for Hawaiian Island Creations 2X Sunblock was developed over the period of 18 months of rigorous field testing in the surf off Southern California and resolves all of these problems in a lotion that has the highest levels of UV-A and UV-B protection in a formulation that is ideal for outdoor sports. HIC 2X Sunblock absorbs immediately into the skin with no greasy residue, will not sting eyes, and maintains its UV (A & B) protection significantly longer than any other sunscreen product on the market.”

So get this stuff for your family, please take care of your skin! No amount of foundation or concealer is going to help you if you’re a wrinkled raisin!

Any other HIC fans out there? Have you been diligent with your SPF? Hmmm?

HIC-On Sale Here!

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