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The luxurious and fabulous Sarah sent Megs Makeup out some gorgeous bottles of Hardy’s Bath Essence to test. This is one of those “Oprah picks”. If the divine Miss O is suggesting then you know it’s going to be pretty phenom. Lets start with the bottle, it is absolutely visually stunning. This is going to be quite decadent in your shower and would make a truly “Woweee!” gift. Everyone needs to bathe, anything to make the experience “luxury” is going to be pretty appreciated. So, if there’s anyone you’re trying to win over don’t hesitate to pick this baby up!

I love a nice bath, my dream is to have one of those showers with the 3 faucets, the kind that get you from every side I also love the thought of a nice hot bubble bath with HOM. You know, the kind you see in the movies. I would be on one side sipping champagne and HOM would be facing me on the other, my hair would be up in a twist and he would keep commenting how fabulous I glow. Have I ever mentioned HOM is 6 foot 7? Yup, this bath fantasy is never going to happen.

I am lucky enough to be able to be looking at new renovations for my bathroom. I’m going to really spa it up and make it super plush and decadent. Unfortunately, if I would like a tub that HOM and I can lounge together in I am forced to move out of bathrooms and into pools. I bet Shaq doesn’t have this problem.

Right now it is “tub for one”, bring on the girlie florals! The only movie I now resemble in the tub is “Arthur” and that’s just fine with me.

Here’s what Hardy’s has to say about their beautiful bath essence..Hardys Bath Essences are visually stunning, fragranced bath oils that are just brimming with real blossoms, petals and leaves. Pure and natural, and containing no colors or preservatives, they are one of the easiest – and most delicious – ways to moisturize and perfume the skin. Simply add to bath water or massage into the skin after showering. When added to bath water, the oil will dissolve in the water turning it slightly milky. Unlike other bath oils, Hardys’ Bath Essence does not end up floating on the surface of the water and will leave no greasy residue in the bath tub. The skin retains the oil when bathing is finished, leaving it supremely moisturized and smelling heavenly!

Ladies, please let us know what kind of bath essence you received and if you want to keep Hardy’s all to yourself no matter how big your tub is! Also, what’s the best bath soak out there! Let me know!

Oh! A tip just came in from Sarah at Hardy’s here’s her suggestion.. Instead of using in the bath,massage the oil into the skin AFTER bathing or showering while the skin is still damp. This process takes literally seconds and the whole body is quickly moisturized. (Compare this to rubbing in body lotion, which seems to take ages, particularly when you’re in a hurry!)

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