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The absolutely wonderful Tammy from Hard Candy gave me the most spectacular looking perfume I have ever seen! Large sizes 3.4 oz’s!! and the most perfect deco/modern inspired bottle known to man! Fragrance is too personal to review but this is Heaven!! Win one, best 5 posts from now until Thursday will be the winners of this phenomenal $55 gift!

Before HOM, I was quite the single. I was very young and loved the nightlife. One night I was out with a girlfriend and she invited her boyfriend to meet us (yuck). It ended that I was the third man out and the two of them got all cozy in a corner.

I saw a table of 4 attractive guys so I of course sat with them and explained the “being ditched” situation. This is Hollywood, I can say all four of the “guys” were fabulously famous movie stars (score for me).

Unfortunately, I have a terrible habit of drinking too much and when my 5th or 6th Pinot Noir arrived I managed to drop it all on one of the fabulous four. I was mortified. He was the cutest one I had my eye on. I was about to die when he calmly looked at the waiter and said “I think my lady needs a new glass”. I melted inside. What a doll. He just mopped himself up with the napkin at the table and looked at me and said without skipping a beat “as you were saying”?

I, of course passed my number to him that night and he was fantastic! He called to see if I had made it home alright. He called the following day to take me to dinner, the next night a party, the following week a premiere.

He would show up at my apartment with flowers, he brought bottles of wine. The guy never ended the night with anything more then a sweet kiss on the lips as I would skip out of his black Porsche.

Several weeks after the initial meeting we had another date. I took pains to get ready. I did everything right, I took 2 hours to prepare. I had one of those sample vials of perfume. It was Chanel #5. I only meant to dab a bit on here and there but I got clumsy and managed to dump the entire vial down my cleavage as the phone range to alert me he was at the front gate.

Shit! I knew I stank to high hell! I had to leave because I didn’t want to leave him waiting. I knew I looked good and hoped that would overcome the fragrance issue.

We had a beautiful dinner and to my absolute delight he asked if “Do you want to spend the night”? . Duh, of course, I had posters of him on my wall. I said as much and we sped off to his place. We had wine, he let me smoke in his house, we went up to bed. Things were looking so good. I knew this was right. He rolled towards me and said “Yum, you smell sooo good, just like my Nana”.

Did I just take a freezing shower? You smell good like my Nana? What? I actually pushed him off me and was like YOUR NANA? I SMELL GOOD LIKE YOUR NANA?

No one ended up getting busy that night. Mmmm is that Nursing Home Toilet I smell?

That relationship ended very soonly after and no, I never closed the deal. The sexy granny image freaked me out.

You can rest assured this perfume will not lead you to an elder chaser.

Here’s what Hard Candy says about their fragrance.“The Hard Candy Fragrance was developed with a Hard Candy sort of girl in mind—a hint of sweetness, but with a bit of depth and mystery. Top notes of White Tea and Pink Peppercorn are rounded out with the essence of Rose and Jasmine. Just when you reach it’s caramel sweetness, sultry vanilla and cashmere musk offer the right balance of playful and sexy!

Swirling around the unique vanity-worthy bottle are gorgeous black graphics of flowers, berries, branches, and curls. A unique jewel-cut pincushion tops the bottle in bright hot pink or green, and will sparkle when the light shines through it (or when your friends are admiring it!). Hard Candy Fragrance looks as delicious as it smells, with a beautiful foil origami box featuring artwork from the bottle in fun, flirty colors! An adorable birdie silhouette is perched on a super cute sticker that holds the packaging closed

Good Luck Ladies! Get to posting!!!

\nHardCandy If You Can’t Wait Buy It Here

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