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Gigi here, with gratitude and Aveeno . . .

I cannot let Thanksgiving pass without some personal remarks about real beauty. You’re aware that I’ve had problems with my eyes and headaches that stupify surgeons. Finally–I believe I’ve found physicians with solutions. But I lost my precious mom and we were like the same person in two bodies. The Lord took her swiftly and gently; people grapple with horrific cancer for years, but she was diagnosed on August 15 and buried on October 13. That amazes me; God heard the prayers I could not verbalize. We were spared much. This has been tough. No, it’s been worse than tough. But all in all, I am simply thankful!

My mother was a consummate beauty, with nary a wrinkle in her 80’s. We howled; she would study her flawless complexion and ask if we saw lines. It happens at that age–not for her. However, it was and is her inner loveliness that stunned me. She never complained about her illness but asked me to be happy instead, reminding me to be grateful for all gifts, from the blue sky, roses, and foliage to the skin on a peach and the color of a pomegranate. She contested that it was God’s handiwork for us to enjoy. Splendor is seen in my husband, sister, family, and friends here for being patient with me for manifold reasons, even during my “primal meltdowns.” I don’t deserve them yet am blessed.

It glows it in the administration, faculty, staff, and students of my school (Bishop Canevin in Pittsburgh). These brilliant, multi-talented people possess sincere faith, love, and empathy and it means much. They live their beliefs. I treasure their cards, words, gifts. They helped me to pray when I couldn’t and ask me to join them at affairs, welcoming me warmly. And I get paid for this? (Um, please don’t take away my salary.)

Beauty is also the readers and reviewers at Meg’s. When I came aboard in June, I believe it was for many reasons, in part as preparation for the angst that was to come. You have been enormously kind and I am humbled. You are precious for your comments, jokes, the articles you’ve sent, the prayers you’ve written and said, phone calls, uplifting CD’s, sachets, unbelievable handmade jewelry, makeup, offers to send photos, and more. My husband contests that I am a “Meg’s Makeup junkie” and he is correct! The candid support system I have experienced comforts me in a way I simply cannot describe. I can’t cry when I read your hysterical, witty remarks.

Oh, and it’s definitely Meg. She’s not just a gorgeous face and body–Meg is the epitome of inner and outer magnificence with her generosity, honesty, brilliance, tenacity, and interest in our well-being. She’s a woman who took an idea for a product site and created an incredible, interactive place where we can go to share our joys and sorrows as sisters.

As for a product review, I’ll make it brief. I bought Aveeno’s® “Positively Smooth Shower & Shave Cream” and thought, “Yeah, right, like this will work” (about $6.00). It does! I find the scent nondescript and prefer more pungent fragrances, but this formula contains glycerin, soy, wax, and emollients to allow you to shave so closely and comfortably that hair growth is actually inhibited. It’s great for sensitive skin and leaves you feeling like smooth marble, a huge help in paring your routine.

Have a peace- and joy-filled Thanksgiving. Love you, dazzling and dear ladies–you give me more happiness than any cosmetic can!

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