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nailcuticleMeg here! You all know I’ve been traveling and going to cities that I’m not familiar with. A lot of the time I’m alone and I’m only in one place for a couple of days. I’m not known for making practical decisions but I think walking around by myself looking for a nail salon in a strange city (I usually get in late in the evening) is a good idea.

When I got an I-Phone I had my fake nails taken off (acrylic nails are OUT anyway.) I filed them down and had them painted. I took care of my cuticles and swore to myself that I would stop biting. I’ve been doing a bunch of television spots to promote new products and I have real incentive to keep my hands and nails looking perfect. It hardly makes a product that I’m showing off look camera ready if I have chewed up ragged nails and rough looking hands. No one wants to see that!

The only way to stop biting my nails was to become obsessed with them. Every night I would grab my anti-bite pen, A.K.A. My Hand Perfection Nail and Cuticle Treatment.  This pen is easy to keep in your purse (I keep it in mine) whenever I get the bite urge I just twist and apply the oil. I rub it on my nails and fingertips. The nail and cuticle serum is made up of omega fatty acids, botanicals and chock-full of vitamins.

My formerly mangy hands and pathetic nails look really good. They look the best that they ever have and they’re actually getting me some serious compliments. In this clip you can see the TV host complimenting me on my nails! As a long time biter I never thought that day would come!

It is not just me that is having great success with Hand Perfection Nail and Cuticle Treatment. In clinical trials ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! 100%
of participants saw a difference in their nails in just two weeks!

Mother’s Day is coming up and you know nothing tells your age like your hands! If you or your mom is noticing some discoloration or ugh, age spots then Hand Perfection has you covered. They’re offering a duo. Their Nail and Cuticle Treatment and Hand Perfection Day Cream.

Read the glowing testimonial Jeanasina wrote on the Hand Perfection Day Cream.

Hand Perfection Day Cream made a huge difference in the appearance of her hands and (in the comments below) several other womens’ as well.

If you or your mum is suffering from “old lady hands” then grab these amazing items for her.

Have you tried the excellence that is Hand Perfection? How do you keep your nails and hands looking gorgeous?

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