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dovedeodorantStacy B here! I’m having fun coming up with new tests for these great products I get to tell you about. There’s the gym test: Did it hold up through a tough workout? Did it run down my face and make me look like a crazy raccoon on the treadmill? Or, the husband test: Did he like the smell? Did he tell me it was too much and I looked like a hooker? He says that will all the love in the world, of course…Kiss Then there’s the big husband test…would HE use it? Would he say it’s OK because I called it “soap” not “face wash”? Ha! Men.
Last night I put another product through the ringer. I’ve been using Dove’s Ultimate Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty Deodorant, which is perfect for summer because it has moisturizers in it and doesn’t stain your clothes. Your skin is soft and clothes are clean so no hesitation on those cute tanks or sundresses!  I’ve been using it about 2 weeks or so and it’s been great for my daily routine. There’s no real scent to it, which I like, and it lasts a whole work day. A couple days I went to the gym after work and I came home sweaty and gross, but not too stinky. I was impressed, especially through last week’s 100+ degree heat wave. I was confident that I wasn’t offending anyone, in or out of the office. And even after multiple days of shaving, my skin was not dry or irritated at all. It really did make my skin feel pretty soft.
Here’s my real test though…and one that I may consider using more in the future: Bikram Yoga. Who’s tried this Invigorating, torturous, 90-minute power yoga class that’s held in a room heated to 95-100 degrees? Anyone? Anyone out there as crazy as me who’s willing to try all sorts of fanatic fitness? I hope some of you have, it’s really great for you. If you can make it through the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in an hour and a half, you will be rewarded with longer, leaner muscles, better balance, a stronger core, better circulation a host of other health benefits. Oh, and you burn over 1000 calories in one class! That’s worth it for me right there. Plus, you sweat A TON. Obviously. You sweat out all sorts of toxins and replenish with lots of clean water which improves your overall health anyway. And we all know that drinking lots of water and getting rid of toxins is a must for clear skin. Beauty is not just something you apply to one part of your body, it’s a lifestyle of healthy living that makes you glow inside and out!
I’m happy to say that the Dove deodorant toughed it out with me for the full class. There’s not really a part of you that’s dry after a class like that, but my underarms weren’t any sweatier than the rest of me, and there was no offending odor. I smelled…neutral. Not as fresh as the morning, but nothing that would make me embarrassed to get too close to someone after class. Not bad at all.
Two things I found a bit odd about this. One, it’s really soft. Soft meaning: if I put it on with a heavy hand, it clumps and smooshes and I have to wipe it off with a towel. That’s my lesson to learn though, I’m not sure I’d knock the product for this when I could just learn to not grind it in like I’m molding clay or something. It clicks up to get more product out of the tube, so you get what you get and there’s a lot after one click. That’s another reason it clumps because there’s so much and you have to be soft enough not to smear it, but strong enough to get it on. I’d rather a turning wheel like Secret where you can decide how much you need.
The other gripe is probably another lesson for me to learn. I put this on first thing when I step out of the shower, then I apply lotion. A few times I overlapped some of the lotion with the deodorant and it balled up like a cheap sweater. I had little bits of deodorant and lotion all down my arms. My husband asked if my skin was peeling because it looked exactly like I had a bad sunburn any my skin was flaking off. I had to take a dry wash cloth and get all the little bits off me. It did make me realize that this product really wicks away moisture because it attacked that lotion and kept my skin dry! Lesson learned…don’t overlap lotion with deodorant.
Dove products seem to get great reviews overall and I do feel like the company is really focused on all types of women and making us feel pampered for less money. I’ve yet to come across a Dove product I don’t like, and I just added their deodorant to my list of products I’ll keep using.

Who else has been really impressed with Dove lately?

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