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Sweetassgal here popping the cork on some Veuve Clicquot to celebrate ONE YEAR as Megs Green Chi Tuesdays reviewer!  It was just last June that I threw my hat in the ring for Drugstore Deals and ended up Green Chi instead.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Meg…it has been a WONDERFUL year and I can’t even begin to express to you how much you and the wonderful people of this site have enriched my life.  I am grateful for your friendship and humbled by your incomparable ability to support and love each other.  My soulmate’s in makeup and all things beauty…I thank you all for the light you’ve brought to my life.  XOXOXOXO
Now on to one the the BIGGEST lights in my life…my mother!  I have been blessed with the BEST mother on earth.  In all seriousness I think she was just born to Mommie!  And not just to me and my sister (welcome to Meg’s ashleereece) but to anyone she comes into contact with.  Walk in my mom’s front door and you are immediately treated to her down home Southern hospitality.  She’ll make sure you have a cool drink in hand, a plate of damn good food to eat and advice on how to deer proof your garden by the time you leave!  She’s just all around amazing and I don’t think there’s one person who has ever met her that wouldn’t say the same.  So why was it when I was 25 that I so flippantly ignored some very good advice of hers?  Post traumatic stress from my gut wrenching breakup of a 7 year relationship I guess.  But still, when Mom kindly mentioned that the ash grey color of my dry elbows and rough feet might not be the sexiest thing for a new guy in my life to rub up to I simply tuned it out.  When she showed up to my apartment with a tube of Fancy Feet foot scrub I knew she meant business.  Since then I’ve been almost overly concerned about my elbows and tootsies.  I probably make my hubby nuts because just about every night I sit straight up in bed, rub lotion on both and watch reruns of Frazier on Lifetime. It’s my thing.
Meg sent me a little tub of Grounded in Nature’s Whipped Body Cream in White Clover in my last shipment and I was super excited to work it into my nightly ritual.  My daughter Samantha.Provost (welcome ALSO to Meg’s girlie…you’re as addicted as I am!) immediately opened it and took a whif.  AAAAAAHHHHHH was her first reaction and I concur.  This stuff smells SO good and the light scent really lingers.  I put it on at night and wake up to the lovely scent first thing in the morning.  I’m not really good at identifying scents but I know what I like and this is the kind of smell everyone would enjoy.  It’s light and lovely and not too girlie to be used by a guy.  I’m also thrilled to mention its paraben free and made with natural shea butter, glycerin and Vitamin E while also being cruelty free (why is that even necessary these days!).  On the moisture scale I’d give it an 8 because it does make my skin really soft but it doesn’t seal like an intense or medicated moisturizer would which is also why it doesn’t feel greasy.  Therefore its a perfect every day lotion…not too heavy…not too light…just right!
It says on the package that its a limited edition so go get some while you can.  I can assure you it smells like no other lotion you have (how many bottles of cucumber melon can you possibly have) and you’ll enjoy the refreshing White Clover during the summer months.  It’s $7.95 for a four ounce tub so plan on using it for hands, elbows and feet but not as an all over.  It would be too expensive.  There is also a body wash I’d love to try in the same scent.  I have a habit of falling into a “scent rut” because I have my Juara and Suki favorites but his would be a nice summer change. 

Who else likes Dionis’ Grounded in Nature?  Happy Anniversary to the other writers who started last June! GLAM ON!!!


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