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giovanniStacy B here! I think I’m in the minority, even for my section of the country, but I want some SNOW! We’re on track for one of the least snowiest winters in history here in the Boston area and I just don’t like it. Last year we had record snowfalls and 4 or 5 major storms/blizzards and while I’m not looking for that much, a few inches on the ground would be very welcome. Yesterday was February 1st and some towns near me saw 60 degrees! That’s just not right for my New England bones!
Especially since this year, my son is old enough and big enough to really get out and enjoy the snow and the new sled he got for Christmas. We had one snow fall that was about 4 inches and he played outside for hours, and LOVED it! Last year with 30 + inches on the ground we couldn’t do much since I would have lost the poor kid, but this year there’s nothing! A good 6-8 incher would be great. It is winter after all….
I guess I’ll just have to fake it. I’ll make myself hot chocolate, crack a window to get a chill in the air and watch footage from Canadian ski resorts or something. I guess I can’t complain too much since without all the snow, cold and dry weather my skin is behaving nicely. The pregnancy has mixed things up a bit, I have some funny dry spots here and there, and some bumps that need exfoliating pretty frequently but I’m not dry and cracking like I could be. To get smooth skin (and that hot chocolate aroma that I’m craving) I’m been using Giovanni’s Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub.

Yes, it smells as delicious as it sounds.
I feel like I’m actually using cocoa on my skin, which is probably pretty close to true, since Givoanni is almost purely organic. This aroma fills the shower and smells so good I want to eat it. I have an exfoliating glove that I use and I scoop about a tablespoon or so per appendage. I concentrate heavily on knees and elbow and those few odd dry patches on my outer thighs. I also attack the backs of my arms that can get bumpy in the cold. This is rough, but not too rough and sometimes I like to feel some good scraping, makes me feel like it’s working. And it is!
After using this a few times a week for about a month, those dry patches are gone, the backs of my arms are smooth and my skin feels really soft. It has some moisturizing elements to it and after a really good scrub in a warm shower I barely need lotion.
It says it’s warming, too, but I can’t tell because I’m already in a hot shower. And sorry ladies, I’m not jumping into a cold shower to test that claim. I’ll take their word for it.  I really love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone. The best part is it has a little buddy, the Cool Mint Lemonade salt scrub which you better believe will be getting it’s shot come spring. I have that one too and it’s like a margarita in a tub. Yum. They are big tubs, too. I’ve been using this for months and I’m barely halfway there. Most sites sell it for about $12-15. Definitely worth it.
It’s no snowy day, hot chocolate by the fire, but it fills my bathroom with the smell of chocolate which is never bad! What body scrub gets you going?

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