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Meg here! I have the most super fantastic find, it saved me $115 today. Really.

I am a nail biter. I am a disgusting nail biter, nothing could stop it. Not acrylic nails not silk wraps. I would seriously bite plastic nails in moments of boredom and anxiety. Sexy.

What makes me behave? Gel nails. Gel nails (I know most of you have tried them, if you have not had them done at your salon-well, now you don’t need to.) Read on, this is EASY and inexpensive and looks really amazing. My roommate has already dragged this into her room. Her mother is in town and after watching me use this, ordered one for herself off HSN (I’ll include the link.) I only go absolutely crazy if something blows my mind and I am very excited to tell you about Gel Haute Nail Polish Kit with an LED Smart Light and nail polish.


I am a regular at my nail salon, since the introduction of gel nails I’m less of a regular. With a gel manicure I can get a solid 2.5 to 3 weeks of staying power. No chips, just some grow out on the botton. The only downfall of a gel manicure? The cost. I’m sure there are cheaper places to go, I am a creature of laziness and my salon is walking distance (a rare LA luxury.)

When I walk into my nail salon it’s like a casino slot machine going off, all the nail techs hear is cha-ching!

Manicure? Yes. Extra Hand Massage? Yes. Back Massage? Yes. Pedicure? Yes. Extra Scrub and Leg Rub? Yes. Eyebrows? Of course. 

Before I know it, I’m out $115.00 and two hours of my life. I really shouldn’t spend either. I decided that I wouldn’t be so militant about the nail salon. I mean, the earth wouldn’t stop spinning if I didn’t have my nails done. Right? Wrong. Murphy’s Law they call it.

I had exactly 2 hours notice that I would be filmed for TV. TWO HOURS. Not only did I decide to be more laid back about my nails but my hairdresser had the flu last week and I wasn’t able to get my hair done for 3 weeks. I have serious roots issues. I can’t go 10 days without getting my roots done, nevermind 21. 

There I was, getting a call to be filmed on National TV, as a beauty expert no less. A beauty expert with long grey roots and mangled, chewed up nails. Don’t you love when life laughs at you?

There was no time to get either professionally done. I drove to Rite Aid and grabbed a box of hair dye (It actually came out great-review to follow.) The nails? Unfortunately, all I could do was run a quick file over them and try to remember to not talk with them too much.

I film again tomorrow. My nails look amazing. They’re Gels and they’re going to last for weeks. THEY TOOK 10 MINUTES TO DO. TOTAL.


Did you hear that? I did gels, by myself and they look expertly done. I did them in a rush. This was so easy, and they look so fabulous. Not one smudge, and all you do is hold it under a provided LED light where it takes exactly ONE MINUTE to dry. It is impossible to screw this up ladies. IMPOSSIBLE. I have witnesses, this is the real deal. 

I opened my Gel Haute Nail Polish Kit and was prepared to be overwhelmed. There was absolutely no reason for me to have any trepidation. This is a cinch. You do your nails exactly the same way that you would normally do them. The set comes with four great colors, I love muted greys and taupes so I went for the shade “earth.” Instead of waiting for them to air dry you hold them under the small LED smart light to dry. In the age of Suri, the LED actually talks to you. My LED is named “Emily.” Emily reminds you that you only need to hold your nails under the light for a minute and then you’re ready to apply your second coat. 

You do the exact same process after your second coat, wipe it off with the provided finisher towelettes and your DONE.

Finished and fabulous and looks like you’ve been in the salon all day! Now, lets talk about price. For half the price of one of my nail visits, I get the entire system and a nail polish. It also saves me hours.

I can’t say enough about how convenient and great this system is. I will never be caught with nasty nails again! Its a comforting feeling to know you’re always ready for your close up.

Who else is serious about their nails and plunks down a lot of cash to keep them perfect? Are you all on the gel train or do you stick to the normal mani? I like to shake it up and do gel twice in a row and then take a LED break. You?

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