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Fresh Scents by Terri

Fresh Scents by Terri

Terri scent us (pun intended) some very delicious scents. Scents with names like “dream” & “zoe”.

We all want to smell divine. On a personal note, when I think of my grammy, who is the most beautiful woman in the world, I think of Estee Lauder “Beautiful”. When I think of Greenie’s (an official Meg’s Makeup Reviewer) gram and beauty I think of “Lu Air Du Temps” by Nina Ricci. Here is my question? When you leave a room (or this earth) can our essence be summed up by an essence? (Fracas and Spring Flowers by Creed is my poison. )Or so I thought. I wore Fracas to my wedding and when I smell it, the scent brings me back. However, ever since my wedding I have never gotten another compliment on it.

I have been wearing “Dreams” by Terri, a fig & vanilla combo (who’d a thunk that mix and EVERYONE ASKS my scent)>I have always been to the school that you wear a signature scent. One that brings people back to you with each inhale. I know the nostalgic scent that brings my buddy Beautyzilla in the room. I inhale her Victoria Secret Strawberry & Champagne shower gel and body lotion. When I smell it I feel twenty again. I feel young, energetic and adventerous.

No matter what she wears, I will always attribute that scent to her. Your scent is a very powerful thing. It can creep up on your friends and make them flash to you. It is your signature.

Terri has scent (sp on purpose) some of her combos. Please post if these were scents you would like to have linger when you leave the room.

Fresh Scents by Terri would like to exclusively offer all Meg’s Makeup users a discount on any purchase from her website.

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Just mention you saw her on Meg’s Makeup!

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