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FRESHORGANICSBabyLove here!  I’m really looking forward to reviewer’s feedback on
this next item, because it’s one of my personal favorites.  I have to
admit that I have fallen hard for Fresh Organics Pomegranate Fig
Better Body Butter.
  After one sniff of this stuff, you’ll understand

I find it amazing that a product free of artificial fragrance can
smell this good.  While we love our organic products on this site, we
certainly take some hits with their scents. I have had the pleasure of
not only trying this body butter, but also their entire baby line, and
I can assure you that not only will you love their products because
they work and smell incredible, but also because they are super
affordable and safe.  All of Fresh Organic’s products are free of
artificial fragrance, chemical detergents, and any suspected

I love that that the body butter is so thick, but spreads out so
thoroughly without leaving a greasy disaster behind.  I cannot stress
how good this smells.  It comes in a 8 ounce jar, that will last you
months even if you use it daily.  I’ve actually used this before going
out to dinner, and received a number of inquiries into my new scent.
Anna, can we get a perfume line going?!  So we know it smells great,
and it’s affordable, but does it work?  Oh yes it does!  My skin is
thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.  I get dry patches all over my arms and
back, and they itch like hell.  My skin sucks this stuff up, and
instantly my skin feels and looks 100x better.  I should also add that
this butter works great if you can bribe your significant other into a
foot or back massage.  The shea butter in this is super softening, and
gentle enough for everyone in the family.

On a good day, my children sleep past 6am, and I get to take a shower.
  Even though it’s usually not a great shower, I still feel like there
is something said for not stinking like BO.  On a great day though, I
get to do my most favorite thing in the world.  I turn the shower on
real hot, sit down in the tub, and stay there for 40 minutes.  Even in
the midst of the shock of seeing how far my saddle bags span out when
I sit, I do my most logical thinking like that.  It’s really
therapeutic for me, and I have solved a number of major problems down
in that tub.  I love getting out of those long showers, lathering
myself up with this product, and slipping into super comfy clothes.
It makes me feel pampered, and it costs me next to nothing.

Fresh Organics has a bath and body line, a baby line, a men’s line,
and a household products line.  Their ingredients are simple and pure,
but there’s nothing boring about their products!  Trust me, you will
love them!  Also check out the Baby Conditioning Shampoo and Wash,
another personal fave!

Who else loves organics and has tried this wonderful company? Do you love it as much as I do? There seems to be something for everyone and the prices are wonderful!

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