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You know it’s fall when my mom puts all her fall decorations out. She goes more all out for fall than she does Christmas. Likes the colors better. You know its fall when the guys in the neighborhood had a huge, inflatable 12 foot projector screen out on the driveway for everyone in the neighborhood to watch Thursday night football. Fall is always about change isn’t it? It seems my life is headed that way – friends getting married, outgrowing friendships, the huge September Vogue. Ok, that isn’t a change – but it’s still AWESOME! There are two types of women in the world: those that wear a different perfume everyday and those that wear the same scent from Sweet Sixteen to the cemetery. But girls, I am challenging you this week. Branch out! I’m offering you some If-Thens for the Fragrance world (I’ve been writing Saturday posts for about 3 months now and I have yet to write on Fragrance. And really – I should!) So happy experimentation!

If you love Thierry Mugler’s Angel (which apparently everyone does – I’ve still never smelled it) – then give Lolita Lempicka a whirl. It come in this whimsical apple-shaped bottle and you press down on the stem to get a squirt. It’s a fabulous vanity piece and much more grown up than Angel (I hear).

If you’ve been wearing Clinique Happy since age 13, then step into something more sultry with Benefit’s Maybe Baby. I mean, it turns me on just sniffing it. Imagine what it will do with that cute waiter…

This is not intended as blasphemy. I realize that Chanel #5 is a classic. It will never die. It is eternal. That being said, there’s definitely a little breathing room to branch out SOME. Guerlain’s Shalimar is just as classic, and vested, and French as Chanel. But just a little different. Go sniff!

Burberry London is a really popular fragrance. But, personally, I like to always be just a little bit different. At least half a step ahead. Check out MaxMara instead. Duh.

If you’re American Classic. Preppy and tasteful. You probably wear Michael Kors. But Carolina Herrera would be a good substitute.

Ladies – what are your fragrance favorites!?!

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