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bath fizzBabyLove  here!  I’m visiting New York City with my husband and a couple who I have known for 20 years.  We’re celebrating our birthdays, and the soon to be arrival of their first baby.  I woke up this morning (after 6am!) There were no diapers to be changed or breakfasts to be made.  On our arrival yesterday, I actually had time to take a bath!  I stole a little piece of the new bath bomb I received from Fortune Cookie Soap.  Don’t worry, it was only a small piece from a very large fizzy, and my boys used the other 3 quarters of it.

We’ve reviewed bath bombs before on the site, so most of you know what they are.  For those who don’t, think of an Alka Seltzer tablet that you drop into the tub, except way better smelling and 3 times the size.  The tablet fizzes, lets off a magnificent smell, and turns the water a neat shade.  Kids love these, and so do moms.  The only complaint we’ve gotten about these bombs in the past, is that they are kind of expensive.  However, Fortune Cookie Soap retails their bath bombs for less than the other companies we’ve reviewed and theirs is twice the size, and they are fantastic!  One bath bomb lasted my kids 5 baths, and for under $5 I can’t complain.

These bath fizzes were put in the goody bag at the party in Boston.  The day I received the package, I put the unopened box in my garage. Later in the day when I went out to put some laundry in, I was stumped as to why my garage smelled glorious.  I had totally forgotten the delivery, and like a hound dog, proceeded to smell every area of the garage until I realized that the smell was coming from the box. I knew I loved the smell of the bath bomb, and that the kids would love its effects, but would I love what it did to our skin? The kids did not have any issues with their sensitive skin, and I was left wishing that I had kept more of that fizz just for myself.  I have never really appreciated a bath with products since I always feel coated in gunk when I get out, but this bath bomb didn’t make me feel sticky or greasy.  I was really amazed by how soft my skin felt, and that the smell of the bomb didn’t change once it hit the water, or my skin.  It certainly wasn’t as strong as when it was in boxed in my garage. I can’t stand overpowering scents when I’m trying to relax anyway.

Fortune Cookie Soaps website is extremely cool.  They offer a number of different products, and will customize your treats for occasions.  I surfed through the bath melts which look heavenly, and my husband has his eye on their multi-purpose shampoo bars.  This site is a perfect one stop shop for the next unique gift basket you plan on putting together.  My friend Justin from Fortune Cookie Soap has offered subscribers an exclusive 20% off coupon that can be used for any product on the site!  Check out Fortune Cookie Soap, and pick up some feel good  goodies for yourself, and for all of you ladies who are planning a bridal showers, baby showers or even weddings- here’s your chance to grab some favors!  Just type in megs20 at checkout, and reap the benefits of great products!

Have you ever customized a product just for you? Who has bridesmaid duty or baby shower planning to do? Totally cute for grads or any party really! Spring has sprung! Be clever and get these done now!

Who has tried products from The Fortune Cookie Soap Company?

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