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The clear and smooth reps from Follicare sent Meg’s Make-Up off some of their Follique to test. Follique is the missing ingredient you’ve been waiting for as a companion to the battle of unwanted hair! Whether you shave, wax or use electrolysis-Follique claims it will rid you of ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burns.

Ingrown hairs are the worst! I once had a bit of a hypochondriac friend stay at my house. She woke me up in a complete panic over the “tumor” she had in her armpit. I was groggy and annoyed. I had been through these ailments with her before. I felt the “tumor” and said “Oh, you’re fine. Go back to bed. It’s just an ingrown hair”. No such luck. She became hysterical and I found myself in an ER at 3am so she could demand to see an oncologist (seriously, this is too ridiculous to be made up). After waiting for hours with her in the ER, someone got a needle and some tweezers and pulled the ingrown “tumor” out from under her armpit.

We’re still friends so I can’t name names but she’ll know who she is from reading this piece and she should know she’s a hypochondriac so there’s the payback for making me wait up all night in the ER when I told you it’s an ingrown hair!

So there it is, if you’ve ever thought an ingrown hair was not a life and death situation then there’s the proof that some people beg to differ. I write this for all the poor saps (i.e. me) that will wait with you in the ER.

Also, I’m a pre-historic dinosaur when it comes to a bikini line. I don’t wax. Waxing scares the bejesus out of me. I’ve been told I should. I’ve been told I’ll feel sexier if I’d just do it. I can’t imagine a less sexy experience. I’m all for wax on the eyebrows and upper lip and even on the chin (if I were prone to a chin hair). How is being laid out on a table while hot strips of wax are pulled from my pubic area going to make me feel more sexy? Ow, pain is not sexy. If having my pubes yanked out made me thinner then I’d do it.

I’m Irish, we’re not hairy people. The most effective hair remover with no pain for my lady garden is Nair Bikini Cream. No nicks, cuts or razor burns. I like the roll-on applicator so I don’t even have to touch it. 4 minutes and I’m smooth as a baby’s bottom with-out having to introduce my privates to a second party. Not that I’m opposed to giving my privates a second party audience but I would prefer to not have to pay for the introduction. I mean, if the waxer was buying dinner then I guess that’s a whole different story.

Here’s what Follique claims…“Razor bumps and ingrown hairs (bikini, underarm, legs, etc.) are caused by hair follicles (often sharpened after shaving), piercing and entering the skin adjacent to the follicle, causing inflammation and a foreign body reaction. Ingrown hairs are also caused from waxing. As the hair weakens from waxing or electrolysis it isn’t always able to break through the skin, causing an ingrown hair”.

For Razor Bumps and Razor Burn~

1. Use Follique on dry skin after shaving.

2. Use Follique daily to maintain your clear complexion.

3. If skin feels overly dry, follow up Follique lotion with a moisturizer.

For Waxing~
1. Use Follique before waxing treatment.

2. After waxing, use Follique to help reduce the burning and redness commonly associated with waxing.

3. Use Follique once a day every day or two in between waxing treatments and your skin will be the clearest and smoothest you have ever experienced in between waxing appointments. Follow with a moisturizer if drying occurs. You will surely love it!

For Ingrown Hairs~

1. Apply Follique to existing ingrown hairs 2-3 times daily.

2. Use Follique daily to maintain your clear complexion.

Do not tweeze ingrown hairs as it may damage the skin and increase the likelihood of more ingrown hairs.

For Electrolysis~
1. Use Follique before electrolysis treatment.

2. After electrolysis, use Follique to help reduce the burning and redness commonly associated with electrolysis.

3. Use Follique twice a day for a week after electrolysis to prevent ingrown hair.

Ladies please post if Follique was the answer to all of your in between hair maintenance needs! Please post what technique you use and how good a job you felt Follique provided!

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