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finalinchesMeg here! I’ve found some wifi and I’m still in South America, Cusco to be exact.
It’s really gorgeous. I love it here. I’m going to show pictures and tell you all about my Contiki Tour. I’m in the Cusco airport getting ready to fly to Iguazu Falls. Igazu Falls is 275 waterfalls that all coincide together. I added the links for you to check out. This has been awesome.

I’m very skinny, I’m like a spider. I have a this thin, spindly and long limbs. I have a round middle. I’m under-weight but still have a tummy pooch. It use to drive me crazy and it doesn’t really anymore. I guess it helps that we’re leaving swimsuit season. I’m lucky in the way that my pooch does disappear here and there. It loves to make appearances around my period or if I’ve over-indulged. I believe the correct medical term for this condition is “muffin top?” I also have come to accept it because if the alternative is eating well or working out then I’m just not willing to do that. I know…

However, I know a lot of you that do eat well and do work out (this is to my C-Section ladies) and their pooch never ever disappears. I would imagine this would be very annoying. I mean, there is always the option of just accepting it as a fact of life but if something really bother’s you them why? If you can fix something that drives you crazy then my motto is to just fix it and move on.

There is a new pooch removal on the market! It’s called Final Inches and women are loving the results. It’s not just for women, if you know a man that has lost a bunch of weight but can’t hide his man-boobs then sign him up! It’s not right that us woman are the only ones that get to obsess!

What is it? This next generation liposuction removes those stubborn Final Inches… This minimally invasive technique that forgoes the dreaded flaws of traditional liposuction using lasers to gently melt away fat, sculpt the body, and with just local anesthetic… most of us would — we the less than perfect who struggle with stubborn genetic fat pockets that require us to chose between the fat or an emaciated looking face — the result of extreme levels of dieting and exercise to take off those last final inches. Well, those days are finally over, and those final inches are finally within reason with the formal introduction of Final Inches and their Laser Sculpting Liposuction technique.
What makes it different from traditional liposuction?
Only local anesthetic – No general anesthesia so a dramatic reduction of risk
Minimally invasive laser through a tiny incision melts fat and removes it from body
Little to no bruising with minimal recovery time – most patients returning to work the next day
Sculpt the contour of the belly, love handles, thighs, muffin tops, back rolls, double chin, & arms
Costs 25% – 50% less than traditional liposuction

So this procedure is being touted as the “death to traditional liposuction.” The pictures look pretty convincing. If my pooch decides to make a repeat appearance and decide to try to permanently stay, I may have to give this a shot.

Just wanted to pass this along to the momma’s that were looking to get rid of C-Section fat (it’s almost impossible to get rid of!)

What do you think? Any of you suffer from fat pockets that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get rid of your “final inches?”

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