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whoopieGather round ladies, Jeanasina here on another captivating Body Beautiful Wednesday and TODAY I’m going to give YOU a huge reason to say “WHOOPIE!!!” Many of you know about the benefits of Shea Butter but have you ever had a Shea Butter product that you wanted to EAT? As I write this review to you, before me is a multi-sided glass jar whose contents cause me to make noises that just might resemble someone in the throws of ecstasy! I am in love ladies! IN LOVE! Yes, I have a Harley man Husband who rocks my world but… there is now a new contender for my feelings and it’s my jar of Farmhouse Fresh WHOOPIE Cream Shea Butter for Body!

Oh I know, you are probably saying, “Eh… what’s the big deal… it’s probably just old lady talk from Jeanasina who found an old Whoopie Cushion and sat on it and got all excited…” Well my lovelies, it’s far better than THAT! There is a company called Farmhouse Fresh and they make these absolutely delightful products and in particular, the WHOOPIE cream I have before me. The box it came in says “A jarful of Joy” (NO LIE THERE!!) It goes on to say… “This supple shea butter cream nourishes dry skin and drenches your body in irresistible yum! Delight in the aroma of moist layer cake and white velvet cream.” Oh honey, DELIGHT is definitely the word of the day with this product! From the very first moment I opened the jar and that fragrance of moist layer cake and cream came floating out to surround my nostrils, I practically snapped my neck back in total supplication because the fragrance is just THAT good! “Oh baby, come to mama!” “Slather me NOW!” I know not all of you are into food smells but if you are, you are going to want this cream!

I’m so excited to tell you a couple of my experiences with it already! I put it on one morning from neck to toe after my shower and was in my own private euphoria as I slathered it on my skin. It doesn’t sink in immediately so I was forced to rotate my hands along my skin in a sensual, massaging manner until it melted on me. “Oh Baby you know what I like!” I’m pretty sure that was what I was shouting! Anyway, later in the morning my Harley man Husband got up (he works nights so he sleeps late into the morning.) He came down the stairs and kissed me good morning and then said “Wow! What did you bake this morning, it smells SOOOOOOO good in here!” I said “I think it’s ME!” Of course it was and he agreed I smelled fabulous but was disappointed that there were no yummy bakery treats waiting for him in the kitchen. He was crestfallen at that point.

That day I went to get a pedicure and I was the only one in the large pedicure area that morning. Well, one of the male salon people that works there came down to get something in the pedicure area. He walked in and his face literally lit up and he said “WOW! It smells absolutely heavenly in here – I don’t know what it is, but it’s SO good!” I smiled and said “I think it’s me.” He came over and smelled my skin and said “Oh YES it IS you and you smell so wonderful – I love it!” You know how they say men love the smell of vanilla, well I think this WHOOPIE shea butter has that same thing going on with men. That man just kept walking around the room inhaling deeply!

Alright, I know a ton of you are huge fans of our beloved Gigi, so I’m going to share with you what SHE wrote about this cream. Here’s what Gigi had to say…Are any of you going completely crazy over the “Whoopie” cream? No matter how I promise to keep quiet, every application resounds with “Yes! More! Oh, more!” and worse (I do not wish to scandalize you). The neighborhood must think I’m insatiable–I can be heard over the shoveling of three feet of snow! This is like catnip to me. Am I crazy or the only one to feel this way? I never smelled a “sweet product” as addictive or effectiveness husband uses it on me freely. If it were $120 per jar, I would have to have it. Food of the highest quality doesn’t measure up to this product! It comes close to sex–okay, not that close, but up there.” LOL! Talk about a one woman testimonial!

As to why on earth they called it WHOOPIE cream – well here’s the story on that. A whoopie pie is a baked good made of two round mounded-shaped pieces of cake with a sweet, creamy, fluffy, white, marshmallow frosting sandwiched between them. According to food historians, Amish women would bake these and put them in farmers’ lunch boxes. When the farmers found these treats in their lunch, they would shout “Whoopie!” Well I can tell you I have been yelling “Whoopie” ever since I opened the jar! I love the smell, I love the consistency and I love me when I have it slathered on my skin!

The price is $30.00 for 8.75 fl. Oz jar and it’s worth every cent! I think everywhere you go both men and women are going to want to seek out the source of this pleasurable scent! I’m pretty sure people will pretty much want to devour you and that could be a good thing, right? My husband tells me that my skin is super soft since I have been using this, at which point I tell him to touch it again to make sure!

Farmhouse Fresh products are a favorite of the stars, including Oprah! Check out the website and see for yourself and if you spend $40.00 there is free shipping! Not only are the products excellent and fun but, they also have the most adorable unique totes! One of the totes says “Smooth as a Duck’s Butt”! How fun would it be to put your new Farmhouse Fresh purchase inside that bag? Apparently celebs from The Hills to Heroes and American Idol’s Jordan Sparks are getting and loving this delightful gift sack!

 If I was you, I’d click on the link below and just start reading about all the fun Farmhouse Fresh products they make and I’m telling you, something on this website has got to tickle your fancy. I can’t talk anymore, I’m about to go into a WHOOPIE cream coma and I don’t want to come out of it for the next 10 hours!!

Buy it here

Ladies, we’re dying to know what you think of this heavenly cream and what the reactions of the people around you are!

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