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Meg here , so I have had quite the whirlwind weekend. When a pal calls you to tell that a jet has arrived to go to a new opening in Vegas, you make the time to go. Even if it is only because they needed to fill one seat and only because that one seat had belonged to a F- celebrity..You still show up!

I was all a scramble throwing my makeup into my bag and knew that I would need a moisturizer in the hot, Vegas sun. The only problem/perk is it was a private jet and that meant limited storage space. So I was so happy with that my fave body moisturizer, Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk came with an extra glass vial to fill as a travel size.

You see, not only is Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk an Oprah fave but it would look perfect in a Rachel Ashwell bathroom. The package is adorable, it’s a throwback to an old milk pitcher and you literally pour it on, like cream in your coffee. The private jet? Yeah, I got a call back that I was still invited to the party but the jet could only take me home. Apparently, a professional dry-cleaner or dog walker or duster “to the stars” took my seat but that was O.K. I had called a girlfriend and we decided to convertible it up! It’s, not that bad a ride from LA if you have decent transportation and stellar company!

night we got to our hotel we quickly showered up, I used the lovely vanilla scented cream that not only had the fragrance of heaven but left my skin so soft…And “creamy!”

On my way out of the hotel, to my soiree, my girlfriend and I were stopped Twice! by tourists thinking we were movie stars. Neither of us are but we were off to party with them and dare I say it? Our skin looked just as great!

Well, Meg being Meg being me, the party was a blast but the next day at the pool party I made a dry humor Joke that struck one women the so wrong way. I’m dealing with the humorous clean-up right now! It was quite a star studded night and I would LOVE to give you every morsel of it. The only problem is, my hairdresser’s second cousin’s dog walker one time met someone’s brother who was on a game show~My jet seat would be in jeopardy! Sorry babe, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas If you only knew the crock of crap I’m dealing with right now you’d know that’s a lie!

So, sun parched from desert sun the hard party night before, I showered and added some sweet cream to my skin and headed to the pool.

Sitting poolside after a night of partying like a rockstar is tough. Who is a great poolside chat? Constantine Maroulis is a great, affable guy to shoot the shit with. his cd was playing and it was GOOD Check out track #7.
He had a party night as well! We were a foot away from each other so I can say that.

All night I had randon not randoms tell me how great I smelled. I was a fragrance of yumminess with my vanilla linger scented train. Here’s what Farmhouse Fresh says “This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning. The corked glass cruet takes you away to a fine morning tea, with scones, heavy cream and great gal pals. Pretty in style, but developed for supple skin. Sweet Cream Body Milk is infused with multiple natural oils: Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran oil, Jajoba Seed oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame. Includes a charming “Our Cows Eat Cookies” gift box for gift giving delight.”

This cream is an A++ with me. The overall package, scent and moisturizing staying power makes me love it. The fact I had the softest skin in the A crowd doesn’t hurt…

My humor is dry AND problematic, my skin is soft and gorge! LOVE Farmhouse Fresh, I feel so Oprah right now!

Ladies can your skin feel moist while you deliver humor dry? How ’bout Farmhouse Fresh!

Farmhouse Fresh Buy it Here!

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