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honeysucklebloodorangeHello ladies! It’s Jeanasina here and I’m up to no-good as usual!  Picture this…Me, a secluded room, a small wooden spoon, a drawstring bag made out of jute AND a mason jar, which is now…OPEN! You don’t even have to look inside the jar, to know that something delightful is inside! The fragrance inside the jar comes wafting out at you…  Welcome to the Jeanasina I-Know-How-To-Have-Fun-With-Skin-Creams-Hour!

Right now ladies, as you read this, HONEYSUCKLE BLOOD ORANGE CUSTARD is pulsating through my skin!  Here’s what’s been happening…Just moments before you got here, I took myself into a private room in my home and I sat down on a chair. I pulled out a rough looking little burlap looking bag and set it on the table. I looked to the left and then to the right and made sure I was alone with my private stash. It was still just me and my Farmhouse Fresh acquirement.

I opened up my rough little bag and pulled out a small, perfect sized little wooden spoon. Then…with total anticipation, I pulled out the old fashioned jelly-looking jar. At that point I turned on the music. I had to create a mood. I played “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim, and “E.T.” by Katy Perry … at the same time!  The two songs complimented each other nicely.

I opened up the jar and THERE, waiting patiently, was THE body cream that is loved by vixens and goody-two-shoes alike! I took my delightful little spoon and I did a little stirring! I scooped up a small amount of Farmhouse Fresh Blood Orange Honeysuckle Custard! I scooped on my arm to start! There goes another dollop on my leg! Scoop! Scoop! Scoop!

Like a crazed fool, I randomly took small spoonfuls of Farmhouse Fresh’s newest concoction and dolloped them everywhere I felt like it on my skin! Individual spoonfuls of creamy, dreamy, soft as fresh pudding, custard, head to toe! Then…oh then came the smoothing of it INTO my skin! How fun was that?  Melted right in! Every time you put the Honeysuckle custard onto the spoon you just REALLY want to bring that spoon right up to your lips and taste the stuff! It’s almost like a DARE!

If this company were to advertise by making a cult horror movie clip, it would look like this… GIANT SIZED, FARM HOUSE FRESH, HONEYSUCKLE, BLOOD ORANGE CREAM CUSTARD FILLED JARS, would be terrorizing the local town’s people yelling “EAT ME!” I’m just sayin’ – the smells…they totally kill you with their authentic -you-know-you-want-to-taste-me, smells! They are mouth-watering!

People have been known to buy things just for the scent you know! YOU on the other hand, are going to want to buy this product because everything about it is cool! The custard double moisturizer is a “2-part blend that includes 1/2 whipped shea butter and 1/2 live fruit cells suspended in a nourishing aloe gel that brings vitamin-packed softness.”, their words! I mean don’t you LOVE that? I smell like I AM delicious! Picture this… Sally Sunshine!  Sally…who baked desserts in a bakery all day! Sally who went to an orange grove and had them squeeze fresh squeezed orange juice all over her skin! Sally who danced in slow motion through an entire honeysuckle grove! Sally, who did all of those things back to back, and came home smelling like a delicious dream! That’s me right now!

The Honeysuckle Custard cream comes in a 7 oz. re-use-able glass jelly jar, they provide a little wooden mixing spoon so you can stir the stuff up or apply fun dollops to your skin like I did!  It all comes in a little bag that says “Mushed-up Stuff is Better For You!” I like that the product is 92% natural and is Paraben & Sulfate free!

I put some Blood Orange custard on my husband and then asked if I could smell it on him!  He smelled SO good! Suddenly I became like a bee on a flower! I think I tried to pollinate him! He’s holding a giant fly swatter over me as I write this. I’m not allowed to smell him anymore.

I hope you get a chance to try this delightful Farmhouse Fresh product – it sure puts you in a happy mood!

Have any of you tried Farmhouse Fresh? It is an Oprah favorite and I think they have some of the cutest packaging around. The products are always luxurious and yes, they smell delicious! TRY THIS BRAND! You will not be disappointed!

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