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farmhousefreshheelEverything around me is screaming SPRING…lush greenery, blooms galore, air that is warmer and more gentle. Goddess Granny is also hating all of her clothing (mostly dark colors) and shoes and is dying to represent this most sparkling of seasons with a few well-placed pops of color and some shiny new kicks: patent leather will do just fine as will  jewel-encrusted sandals with heels so high that I am forced to slow down and smell the roses! I also want smooth lightly glowing skin, (thank you Arcona bronzer!) brighter highlights in my hair, and toes polished with a dreamy shade of robin’s egg blue so that I can tiptoe through the tulips in style!

For many of us though, it also means getting rid of the heavy boots and closed-toe shoes we’ve been wearing for months and scrambling to and try get our feet in pretty enough shape to wear all those sassy new shoes! I know for many that a salon pedicure is the ultimate indulgence: to me, it’s torture: I hate having my feet touched and will squirm, complain, and even break out in hives if anyone messes with my feet so out of necessity, I’ve become rather good at maintaining my own tootsies and actually enjoy the process most of the time: I have a special box full of soaks, tools, lotions, and polishes intended to make my hard-working feet as pretty as possible. My ritual usually repeats every 2 weeks or so because I also take yoga classes and believe me, women DO notice if someone has nasty-feet even when they’re struggling to hold a pose…Guess it’s just how we are?

Once again, I convince myself I am being “frugal” because I do my own pedi’s but know I’m not because I do SO love all of of the rich and fabulous products that can turn even the most unlovely of feet into twinkle-toes with an application and am somewhat of a sucker for them.I also would truly like to live my “life illuminated through a canopy of magic trees…” such as the fabulous folks at Farmhouse Fresh describe and perhaps beautiful feet are indeed the first step?

I absolutely adore everything I have tried that Farmhouse Fresh creates in their Texas-based lab: we already know how their body scrubs and whoopie creams can cause mass-incidents of glee among those of us who covet their products and their perfectly edited line of decadent goodies continues to grow slowly evolving past cult-status (thanks to the “O” lady herself!) into the stuff of legend.The highest quality ingredients are combined into totally original and whimsical goodies that are charming with gorgeous packaging and attention to detail, ANYTHING they create would make the perfect gift for yourself or Mom or anyone you want to spoil! And then there is their “Honey Heel Glaze.“..”I swoon…I die…it’s to die for and what a way to go!

Packaged in a satiny-quilted glass jar inside a pretty box that proclaims “Happy bees sleep in pretty houses…” this gooey, smoochy, silky, creamy, dreamy,”glaze” of a product is like NOTHING you or I have ever experienced before: it brushes on with the included sweet fan-style brush and will turn even the most abused and neglected feet into satin within minutes, I kid you not! It goes on like a cream but morphs into something I am challenged to describe: it gets drier and sinks in instantly leaving nothing but baby-toes and buttery-heels behind! I know it has actual honey in it but those particular bees must be magical indeed because this non-greasy and totally addictive product is MAGIC! Also contains aloe, pineapple, and papaya extracts and the smell can only be described as heavenly! I’m dreaming of a Cleopatra moment where I can DIVE into a vat of this stuff! You only need a small amount for maximum results but you’ll find yourself mindlessly brushing and re-brushing the product on because it’s simply one of the best “legal” feelings in the world…dip…brush…gently rub…admire…sniff…dip…brush…did I say it’s addictive? Oh yeah!

I will not be without this product any time soon and intend to gift some to all of the lovely ladies on my list this Spring: you simply couldn’t go wrong with sharing this as anyone who is lucky enough to try some will fall in love with it! I think the price is very reasonable for the amount you get, the gorgeous presentation, and the fact that it’s so effective you only need to apply once in a while to have honey-kissed feet. I double dog dare you NOT to it use it all the time though because it just feels and smells so incredibly fabulous.

Buy the Honey Heel Glaze here and prepare to be delighted and entertained as you enjoy the best feet of your life!

I think having pretty feet all the time is as necessary as having on that “clean underwear” in case of an accident…do you as well? Are salon pedi’s your luxury or do you create glam-toes at home like I do?

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