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hellofhfBaby it’s COLD outside in much of the U.S.! I know many have heaps of snow as well so although it’s still sunny and fairly mild here in South Texas, Goddess Granny is packing to go North. I’m actually staring at a pile of gear fit for the frigid: reindeer-motif sweaters, chunky lined boots, heavy knit scarves and gloves and of course, a full length mink to insure that I literally won’t crack and die from the temperatures in my near future! Seriously, my skin hates the cold and I’m gearing up both mentally and physically with every oil, cream and balm the damn TSA will allow me to carry. My suitcase actually has more tubs of goo packed inside than apparel at this point…priorities. Kiss

A MUCH needed and VERY appreciated product came to my rescue last week in the form of something SO totally delicious and decadent that I literally would cover myself in a tub of it and lay there for hours if I could! The beautiful people at “Farmhouse Fresh” located right here in Texas have yet again hit it out of the ballpark with their latest potion: a luscious and extravagantly elegant new cream named “Hello!”

“Hello!” is a yellow shea butter cream that’s lightly scented with natural vanilla and citrus oils and they say it’s their “happiest cream!” Do you know that the integrity and freshness of a product is MUCH enhanced by a glass container? Hello! comes in a fat 10 oz. glass jar that just feels SO rich in the hand! Adorable “jumping on the bed” graphic on the box that would get a smile from anyone! I wanted to literally EAT this stuff when I saw the texture: like that of the whipped cream I make using tons of real heavy-cream and a Kitchen Aid mixer and beating until it’s almost stiff? Sorta’ like heaps of pristine snow that you want to dive into? Seriously, it’s just perfection!

Vitamin E, Jojoba and Soybean oils insure that even THE driest, most sensitive to the cold skin like mine will be soothed, scented, healed and spoiled! It doesn’t take a lot of product to cover lots of you and I can’t get enough of it! It leaves you so soft and silky and also gives a beautiful healthy shine to the skin but sinks right in and you know it’s doing wonderful things because you can see the difference immediately! They claim it “…transports you to a warm beach with the sun on your face” and I’d have to say it really DOES leave you feeling like you’re exactly where you’d like to be no matter what the temperature outside says! Clean and slightly sweet scent-nothing too heavy but enough so you feel completely satisfied.

Everything “Farmhouse Fresh” makes is PERFECT for gift-giving and I have to say that the value for the price continues to suprise me: I don’t think you could find better products that are so reasonable and so amazing! Of course, they have been on Oprah’s List but more importantly, they are at the top of mine! Everytime I try a new product from this fabulous company, I wish for a lifetime supply of it! You simply can’t go wrong with anything they make and “Hello!” would be SO perfect for anyone on your list and yourself too, of course!

Buy it here and seriously be prepared to swoon: I get hungry just reading their product descriptions!

I am spooning out some of my “Hello!” cream into plastic jars to insure that the TSA cannot confiscate my gorgeous cream because if they knew how divine it is, they would take it for sure! I can’t be without this amazing cream and once you dip into a jar, you won’t be either! 

Have you tried any of the delicious “Farnhouse Fresh” goodies? Do you also love to slather on a thick, yummy cream this time of year?

Love to all and I wish everyone the brightest and most beautiful Holidays ever!  

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