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NAILGigi here! I am “chipped off.” I had the chance to return to my wonderful school for a special service and my excitement was akin to a child’s on Christmas Eve.  I wanted to look perfect and that justified shopping for new clothing and pulling out my big guns, my arsenal of most-loved cosmetics to glow, the ones I keep preserved under glass like a firehose, broken only for emergencies.

Repugnant is the best adjective to describe my nails.  Medications, anesthesia, and dyes given to me have wrought devastation.  They grow slowly, peel faster than an as-advertised-on-TV onion chopper, and aren’t reacting to my dutiful intake of B vitamins.  I was running late (nothing new for me) and my favorite nail products were not in the aforementioned treasure chest.  I opted to apply an express-dry topcoat as a base, color, and then finished with another layer of speed dry.  (Pigment applied to bare nails will tend to leave a hard-to-remove yellow stain behind.) I detest what I call “sheet marks,” those free-style swirling designs and lumps resembling the work of Jackson Pollock, the ones you find if your polish doesn’t dry thoroughly.  None for me.  I began to sing “I Feel Pretty,” “Isn’t She Lovely?” and an edited version of “Werewolves of London” with the line “I saw a werewolf at Trader Vic’s; her nails were perfect.” 

Pride does go before a fall and this is what I deserved for my narcissism   My nails were short but evenly shaped, done in a delicate pink/coral opalescent shade.  My Cinderella hands never made it to midnight–they didn’t make it for an hour!  As we were leaving our home I felt something on my hand and went to brush it aside.  All of the nail polish from one thumb was lying on the floor by me in one piece!  I couldn’t have removed polish that well if I tried.   Well, no time for touch-up’s–I decided to keep the offensive finger out of view.  Before I entered the building, four more nails self-destructed and dropped like spring flower petals at my feet.  Is there a word for nail suicide?  Would it be digicide?  Whatever it is called, it  was happening to my horror.  Okay, so I would hide my entire right hand.  Deep breaths, Gigi, deep breaths.

Halfway into the service I lost the polish on my other hand, with just a few annoying glimmers that left me looking as though I chewed it off.  So it came to sitting with my hands camouflaged by my clothing.
The Drugstore Deals Reviewer tells you this to spare you angst.   I learned my lesson and have found a way back to beautiful hands.  Avoid my beauty faux pas and invest in the following two products which work in tandem.  They will be good to you and treat you right.

1) Begin with Sally Hansen’s Nail Nutrition Daily Growth Treatment.  It is not a polish, but a lightweight gel with a gentle plant fragrance. Eleven botanicals function to nourish your nails deep-down.  For best results,     wash your hands thoroughly and use a nail brush to remove any polish or other residue. Massage  this  gel into nails  and  ravaged cuticles at least once daily for ten days (I lean toward overkill and cannot stop applying).  There is no oil, and it  bonds with nails to provide a protective seal and prevent breakage, add flexibility  and  resilience, and repair  any problems.  Be sure to work the formula under tips.  I expected it to leave me with tackiness, but it immediately seeps into nails and you cannot feel it.  What you do feel are the benefits Sally promises.  In ten days, there is a noticeable improvement for nail woes.

2) This gets even more green:  Follow the ten-day program with their Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener. As a basecoat, nails are nourished, hardened, protected, and actually do grow. Results may vary, but I’ve had nearly immediate gratification when it comes to nail length.  I can’t promise the same for you, but it’s worth a try.  Vitamins, anti-oxidants, and protein act to stimulate new growth while withstanding daily wear and tear.  Two coats give optimal benefits.  When applied after polish, it becomes a long-wearing topcoat.  I suggest continuing with the nourishment gel applying to ragged cuticles and continue under tips.

A few suggestions:
  Use an emery board to file nails and do not saw back and forth but in one direction only–this is not shop class in high school!  Before you apply any colored polish, ensure that fingers are devoid of previous products or you will find yourself in a sea of blooms as I did.  Last but never least–nails are not tools.  That is why God made men!  Even if you can tear through shrink-wrap, bat your eyelashes, smile sweetly, and have a man open objects for you.  You may find yourself with a new love.

So it was a nail fiasco, but it was actually the best day I’ve had in more than a year.  I was greeted by students, colleagues/friends, and administrators at Bishop Canevin, a place I have dubbed “Academic and Spiritual Utopia.”  I returned to “My Old School” (Steely Dan).  Oh, the joy  . . .

What nail products from the Drugstore deliver you the best manicure at a mini price?

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