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kristenosborneSo….we ALL have some body parts we like more than others, right? I know that modern sentiment dictates we “love them all regardless” and I try, I really do but sometimes a girl has to resort to some illusion in order to divert attention to the good-stuff and minimize the not so in my opinion.

Goddess Granny
here soon to be on her way to Vegas with my fabulous man to see some shows, shop for some shoes, and maybe even get a bit lucky? I’m not much of a gambler but wish me luck anyways!

If I could, I would dress every single day in fabulous black opaque tights and either some sleek boots or shoes that are TDF. I love the ease of it, the EVER so flattering results, and the fact that every single little nick, scar, bug-bite, wayward-vein and bruise are masked to perfection under that layer of beautiful black. Unfortunately, I currently live in the land of the sweltering-sun aka South Texas and this fave look of mine is honestly only worn in reality a few select weeks out of the year: sometimes I DO try out of sheer desperation prompting myself that it’s IN STYLE to wear said tights and boots to run errands in but alas, when everything starts to sick in the most unflattering places because it’s simply too damn hot, I give up my dream of leg-perfection fast.

I have found a rather fabulous “solution” to my personal beauty bugaboo of “less than perfect bare legs” that I’m dying to share with y’all!

Great and lucky YOU if you have fabulous legs already, I know a tan helps a bunch but I reserve those spray-on wonders for rare events because honestly, even though they “work” they don’t last long and anything else in the tanning department is beyond my grasp! Because I HAVE to go out sometimes without black tights and actually do care what my legs look like, aka last night’s wedding celebration, I believe I have found a couple of products that when used as I describe, almost insure compliments and no one is the wiser! I get tons of positive feedback and more than a few admiring glances when I take the time to work my own magic.

First of all, there is a understated “miracle product” out there that is whispered about in those glittery dressing rooms where beautiful creatures of the night work their spells before hitting a stage. I know of quite a few who have used this for a long time and no one is the wiser, it has true “cult status” in some circles, trust me. I have simply taken this incredibly effective products a step further. “Airbrush Legs” by the venerable Sally Hansen company is literally perfect legs in a can! This company BTW has been WOWING me lately with their newest offerings in the mass-market departments but that’s another story. It comes in three shades and also a “glow” which is simply as it says, a pearl-effect. Around $10.00 a can, which lasts a long time at most groceries and of course Walmart as well. It goes a LONG way but it’s the application that I have tweaked a bit: I use the “light” and it’s perfect on my pasty-pale seldom see the sun Irish-girl legs. BEFORE you even think about spritzing yourself, it’s a great idea to have smooth-legs (method of your choice) and what I do is to apply either some coconut oil or some nice lotion about 1/2 hour before I do anything else…let it absorb and it insures there won’t be any blotching.

Give it a really good shake-up and honestly, I do it outside. It does leave a bit of a tell-tale mess if you spray it on your pristine bathroom floor (yeah…who are we kidding!) Or do it over a dark towel. Spray lightly over the larger areas first and don’t worry about an even coat. While still damp, just massage evenly over your legs and thighs and very light hit the “high-spots” of knees and ankles. You want to get it on there and then even it out. The can will tell you just to spray but they lie!Surprised Let it set, it dries very quickly and believe me, lasts a LONG time. Does not rub off and is water-resistant. Check a full length mirror for even application, especially behind the knees and if you must, re-do the areas that don’t look perfect. If you’ve chosen a close match in terms of color, you’ll be amazed at how VERY nice your legs look! Smells a bit but who cares?

THEN and here’s where I literally add a bit of fairy-dust to the freshly applied magic,when you are sure the “Airbrush” is nice and dry,take a mildly-sparkly powder such as my favorite “Marshmallow” by the oh so amazing Urban Decay and using the puff or a brush if you prefer, buff a bit on LIGHTLY along the fronts and back of your shins, on the tops of your feet and toes, and on your thighs if you are lucky enough to be able to show them! Try not to use anything too shiny or sparkly and stay away from the knees,ankles,and other “high spots”, you want to simply highlight aka your cheekbones to sculpt in a way and dab on lightly, not leaving streaks or mounds of glitz! Don’t do all the skin that shoes, only little bites of it.This results in a glam-sheen that truly makes your legs look PERFECT as well as draw the eye to the prettier places.

Every time I use this technique, people comment on how “nice my legs are” and seem to marvel that I do not have hose on: seriously, unless I have to or they are the much-loved black opaques, I HATE pantyhose and will gladly spend 10 minutes or so decorating my legs so that they are lovely without suffering the pain of the nylon-pull-on’s! Is there anything less sexy? If you have those TDF legs already, you are so lucky in my eyes but this little combo of products will take even perfect legs to Bond-Girl status, I have seen it happen!Kiss

The Holiday season is coming and no doubt you too may well have to bare your legs for the sake of some killer shoes and a party dress but I promise that if you give this, one of my most frequently used secret solutions a whirl, you’ll feel so much more confident and love those legs no matter what shape they’re in!

Did I forget to mention that the UD powder is also lightly flavored? LUCKY YOU!Kiss

What are you tricks for perfect gams?

Meg here! The model in this photo? None other then my bestie Kristen Osborne who has the best legs in the entire world!

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