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exfolishaveJeanasina here! When I first opened up the jar, after removing the reassuring safety seal, I looked at the product and I immediately thought of sand and coffee grounds mixed together! When I sunk my finger down into the substance to feel it, my fingers became rather gritty, definitely like sand was stuck to them. The fragrance is really heady, earthy and deep. The aroma reminds me of heavy wet clay. This fragrance comes across to me as something Cleopatra probably would have had as a base component in her arsenal of skincare potions. It was actually very hard for me to believe this gritty concoction was going to be good for shaving! No way! I’m just so very skeptical! You know most shave intended products are whipped, foamy and smooth textured? How in the Sam Hill is this grit city substance going to make it an easier experience shaving!

Here’s some important information about ExfoliShave! Exfolishave is an all natural 3-in-1 product designed to exfoliate and moisturize while providing the smoothest shave available. Again! SMOOTH? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Since this product is going to exfoliate and give me a dandy shave, it’s going to be saving me money by eliminating the need for multiple products right? ExfoliShave works first as a natural exfoliant, then as an invigorating lather and lastly moisturizes with essential oils and flower extracts! Enticing build up here!

According to their website, ExfoliShave is even gentle enough to use on your face! I think Mr. Harleyman would take one look inside this jar and say “Forget about it dear!” I don’t see him using this to shave his bald head anytime soon. Listen to this! ExfoliShave contains all natural ingredients for healthier skin, including, lemongrass, bamboo, French walnut shell and essential flower oils! Starting to ring my bell here… The benefits of ExfoliShave are smooth, supple legs! This product is supposed to eliminates blemishes, ingrown hairs and razor burn even in the bikini area! It replaces exfoliants, harmful shaving creams and body lotions with one all natural, clinically-tested product. You should be able to shave less often. It claims to be perfect for everyone, men, women, athletes and teenagers with skin problems! The French walnut shell in ExfoliShave polishes your bathtub as you rinse it! If it can polish my bathtub – it’s hard not to think the word ‘harsh’ isn’t it?

We are putting in a second bathroom in our basement so a couple of total hotties have been down there with a jackhammer demolishing the cement floor. There are piles and piles of very earthy brown dirt down there and the dirt smells very similar to this product! If I didn’t know better I’d think my Harleyman husband tricked me and filled my container up with the stuff from the basement!

Here’s how you use it..You scoop out a quarter-sized amount of the ExfoliShave and apply it to wet legs (I’m trying it on my legs – you guys can work the other hairy areas you lament about when you try it) rubbing gently to begin the exfoliation process. You should notice a lather forming. If no lather forms, simply add more water and continue massaging the product onto your skin. Once a lather forms, simply shave as you normally would. When you are finished shaving your skin will be smooth and moisturized without being greasy or oily.

Is THAT what I experienced ladies? So here’s my take on it. I used it and I felt like I starred in the movie “The Sand Lot”. Holy grit! It’s definitely messy! I had dark grit all over the white tiles in the bathtub as well as all over the bottom of the bathtub! It definitely DOES exfoliate and it definitely DOES lather up and you definitely CAN shave with it! After the shaving process is over you do have to work to get all the grit off of your legs (I used a plastic cup and filled it repeatedly with water because a wash cloth didn’t quite cut it). After letting my legs dry for awhile, I WILL say this right now… my legs are incredibly SMOOTH after this process! Holy-haven’t-felt-legs-that-soft-since-I-was-young! Positively GREAT results! You probably could go without putting on any lotion, but my legs are bone dry so I did eventually top my smooth gams off with lotion! I’m telling you right now, the bathtub looks like it does when your kids have been at the beach or in the sandbox all day long and then take a bath at the end of the day. Total travesty but of course it does clean up and I can’t say one way or other other if I thought it polished my bathtub.

I love that the product was natural, there is not a doubt in my mind about that being 100% true! There is nothing fake about this stuff! I think the final results are awesome but it’s a bit too messy for me personally.  However, if you want someone to really take notice about the fine quality of your sexy legs – this is the product for you! It really took me back to a time when my legs were my #1 asset and the guys used to always comment on how smooth my legs were and felt the need to stroke them for long periods of time! They are totally like that tonight! Absolute killer results using this product. Even though I’m not a fan of the mess this makes, I am blown away by the end result of using this product! My legs feel like the legs of a twenty something year old girl! Kiss

Have any of you tried this product or do any of you have favorite products or routines to keep your legs dazzlingly hot hair-free and desirable!

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