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Let’s hear it for nail polish! Dual purpose (nails AND toes), inexpensive, thousands, maybe millions of color choices, it can be DIY or in almost city you’ve got multiple salons that can apply it for you for under 20 bucks. Could this just be the ultimate cosmetics item?! I bet every woman in America has owned at least one bottle in her lifetime. I mean, I have a bucket-size basket full of them. But even my Grandmother, who didn’t own a stitch of makeup, had a fridge full of polish.

I also think this is the easiest way for anyone to keep up with the current trends. Not everyone can go out and by the new “It” bag in all the fashion magazines. But ten bucks can get you a polish you’ll find in the same mag. They sell out quickly. But industrious girls can hunt down bottles or even make their own versions by layering a few different ones together.

One line that continues to be at the forefront of the latest “must-have” shades is Essie. The iconic shade Ballet Slippers continues to be one of their top sellers. In addition to great colors, the chip-resistant formula with outstanding durability make them top with nail techs, models, editors, and celebrities such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Cindy Crawford. Plus, Essie introduces 4 new collections a year seasonally and the line includes over 200 shades.

We were very lucky to have the always in fashion Dawn send us 4 polishes from the Essie Winter collection. Here’s what they have to say about the line “Influenced by the Winter runways return to true glamour Essie has performed alchemy and turned molten metal into six precious new polishes – hot, luminous and shiny. From the brightness of nickel and steel to the brilliance of gilded rubies, Essie has bottled the glitz and gleam of the season’s fashions in a collection designed to set off the runways’ winter colours of garnet, gun metal and pewter. Shimmering with unparalleled richness and the spot-light-stealing opulence”.

We received (from left) Showstopper-deep berry, Over the Top-midnight grey, Wrapped in Rubies-burgundy w/gleam of gold, Steeling the Scene-burnished pewter. Each equally gorgeous, this was one of those mailings that it was very hard to choose. But really, you couldn’t go wrong.

So ladies, let us know which shade you received and what your thoughts are. Has the Essie Winter collection been added to your list of must-haves?

Essie – Buy it Here!

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