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Sweetassgal here just super stressed out lately.  For anyone who knows me in person, I am a perpetually perky, happy and positive person.  Sometimes to the point of annoyance to some of my dowager empress co-workers and relatives.  The problem with being a sort of modern day Pollyanna is that it’s difficult to maintain this level of exuberance day in and day out without people either suspecting you’re ready for a white jacket fitting (and I don’t mean Armani) or secretly sneaking Zoloft into your afternoon cocktail.  Sometimes the stress of life just gets to you and you need what I call “down time” to recharge your batteries.  Tonight…I am in need of such an experience.

In the space of exactly 10 days I’ve given a tea party baby shower, had vehicle damage to my car, weeded my 1/3 acre lot, endured a two day migraine with 7 nosebleeds, been to three doctors appointments, had a CT scan done, have sat through 8 interminably long and boring meetings, went to the vet twice, found out my beloved Harley dog has a compressed disc in his back, had the ceiling collapse from water damage in my spare bedroom, had a work scare that had me thinking I would either be fired or worse sued, and packed my son off to college…all in 110 degree Sac Valley heat.  Stress anyone?  Roll stress up in a tortilla and feed it to me along with one affore mentioned Zoloft cocktail!

All of this has manifested itself in a major feeling of angst, my shoulders have gone all Larry King on me and are up around my ears and I can’t seem to stop shaking.  A dear friend of mine at work (and here at Megs…giggelle) suggested I have a cup of tea and just try and relax.  What simple advice…and it actually DID help.  By the god’s I found one pack of “Calming Tea” in our breakroom and drank it right up.  Just smelling the freshly brewed chammomile brought me down from derranged Larry King to a slightly more acceptable resemblance of a heavily sedated Gilbert Godfreid.  Still, not pretty…and isn’t that what this website is about…feeling pretty?  No one looks attractive when they start to scrunch their face up like Mr. Godfried no matter how much Kumaara and Urban Decay they are wearing.  It may be comical…but it AIN’T pretty.

So if chammomile tea could have this much affect on my mood with just one cup of tea then what might chammomile essential oils do?  A quick google search yielded me very interesting results from where they extoll the virtues of a stress free life.  Utopia right?  Well…if there is a true Utopia out there the road to it is paved with Lavendar, Chammomile, and Bergamot!  There is a ton of information about the different essential oil scents and how they affect your body as well as scent combinations and applications.  Since I had such great luck with the chammomile this morning I’ll be sticking with that scent when I step into a warm (not hot!) bath tonight.  8 drops of chammomile essential oil from my local health food store along with one tablespoon of almond oil for moisturizing will find their way into my water, through my skin, and absorb deeply into my senses.  I have learned that the sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than any other sense and that it is the only one that goes directly into your brain for instant stress relief gratification.  

Chammomile, lavendar, geranium, bergamot, cedarwood, jasmine, neroli, peppermint, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang are all excellent stress relievers.  Just be advised that essential oils should never be used in pure form and you should test before using to make sure there are no adverse reactions to your skin.  Pregnant women should not use juniper, rosemary or sage oils as they cause uterine contractions and those suffering from lung conditions should be wary as well of any irritaing scents.  Essential oils can be added to bath water, to a cloth for inhilation, to a diffuser or spray mist for environmental application and even to a massaging oil for an extra lift.  Just find a scent that pleases you and an application method that allows you the most relaxing benefits.  I for one am looking forward to my bath before bed in a few hours and will be more than happy to let this natural and organic wonder like Calgon says…take me away!

We are all about support here at Megs so if you’ve got something stressing you out and weighing you down let me know…sometimes a good old fashioned bitch session is all the cure you need.  GLAM ON!!

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