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nail polishStacyB here!  Everyone is always in a hurry; rushing to get to work, rushing to get home, rushing to get those errands done during your lunch hour and let’s face it, we are ALL rushing to get to the weekend! So many products out there promise to save us time. Two-in-one products for your face, combo shampoo and conditioners, exfoliating and self-tanning lotions…sometimes figuring out which is best for you wastes all the time that you might save by using a time-saving product!
My life is a bit hectic, so these time saving products really are worth it for me. Between my normal job, my part time job, writing for the best make up site ever, a husband who travels for 3-5 days a month, an almost two year old and being in the middle of buying our first home, I need all the extra seconds I can get. I use moisturizing lip gloss rather than both lip color and a moisturizing balm, I use a gradual self tanning lotion that firms my skin at the same time, and I try to buy quick drying nail polish. I figure with those three things alone I am earning at least 45 minutes back a week that I can do something with my family, or even on my own, without sacrificing sleep or meals (which do get sacrificed sometimes!)
I have not always had good luck with quick dry nail polish. Whatever is in them that makes them dry quicker can also make them dry out while they are still in the bottle, on the brush, or even on your nail before you have a chance to smooth it out. I try to take my time and do a good job since I don’t always have the time or money for a professional manicure and sometimes the quick dry stuff ends up clumping and bubbling easily. And, I don’t think the bottles lasted as long as a regular polish, since the air that gets in it while you are actually painting your nails starts to cause the polish in the bottle to clump and harden. I end up throwing away quick-dry nail polish after only a few uses.
When I found out that Essence (a company that I am really starting to like!) had quick dry nail polish in super cute colors, I figured I’d try it out. I got 4 bottles of Essense Colour & Go Polishes in Fabuless, Plum Perfect, Underwater and Gold Rush. Adorable. I could have bought every color, they are really bright and fun! I opted for Plum Perfect on my toes and Fabuless on my fingers for my first try. Plum Perfect sounds like it should be more purple, but it’s really more like a deep red raspberry color. Fabuless is a charcoal, sparkly dark color that is like a smokey eye for your fingers. It’s definitely a fall favorite for me now.
The bottles advertise “one second per nail” and brags about the innovative flat brush for smooth application. The flat brush was definitely useful, I was able to get more on the nail and the brush spread out more than a normal round brush so on my littler fingers, I was actually good after only one stroke.
The “one second per nail” thing? Not so much. But, I don’t view that as a negative. If it really dried in one second, I’d barely be done with the nail before it was dried and touchable. What if there was a clump? Or a streak? Would it be dried in one second and stuck like that? Luckily, it took more than a second to dry, so I was able to get the coat on without any lumps, bumps, bubbles or streaks. My guess is each finger was fully dry and touchable within about a minute. I was able to get the second coat on right away and was making dinner for the family in less than 15 minutes, total time.
This is definitely the best quick-dry polish I’ve tried.
It lasted too. I did my nails on Saturday, and they looked great. Sunday night, I noticed a miniscule chip on my right index (and most used) finger. I quickly did a touch up and added a clear coat on all 10 fingers. My home-made mani lasted all day Monday and I even got a compliment on the color from a very fashion-forward friend.
By Tuesday, I had chips on at least 5 of my fingers. By Wednesday, I was a bit embarrassed and promised myself 15 minutes after the little one went to bed to clean up my nails. I can safely say this mani lasted 3 1/2 days. Not bad for a drugstore quick-dry brand! One trick that probably helped, after I took of my old polish, I washed my hands thoroughly and then took a clean cotton ball and swiped each finger with one more bit of nail polish remover to get off any lingering oils. This has always made my manis last a little longer. The polish adheres better to the nail when the oils are gone.
If you are strapped on time, but always want great nails, this is a winner. It’s a great little bottle of polish and a true time-saving product! What drugstore brand is your favorite? Can you pass on any tips for keeping a manicure last longer?

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