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We’re proud to have Rachael Robbins, our own Beautyzilla, present this week’s drugstore deals…

“STOP RENTING BRIGHT YELLOW MUSTANG CONVERTABLES!!!!!” Is the scolding I would receive from Meg upon all my arrivals to LA. “You already look like a porn star. You’re just amplifying the scenario” She would tell me. But c’mon, what other rental cars are affordable and semi cool at the same time? It’s s really hard to drive a Taurus up to valet and look even a little cool. I would rather look like a porn star then a geek! Much to Meg’s chagrin, she would ride with me, sunken down into her seat, with huge sunglasses on and of course, a headscarf. But she would ride with me all the same. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for the sake of appearance.

I guess the ultimate goal in life would be to never have to sacrifice. If I made oodles of money, I could rent a Jag, or a Porsche, or anything for that matter. But for now, a little sacrifice is in order. With rental cars that is. Beauty products need no sacrificing because I have found another amazing DD for you guys!

But before I get to that, let me tell you a little story about how I found this yummy product: I went to stay with Meg at the new house that she and HOM (husbandofmeg) just bought, which I immediately named the “porno Pad’ for good reason (touché, Meg). Anyway, I hit her luxe bathroom to have a shower and freshen up. As you can only imagine, her shower was strewn with the most beautiful products imaginable, but one in particular caught my eye for a few reasons. The product was a shower gel in a bottle shaped like a hook so it hung right from the shower head. It was ‘Essence of Beauty Sparkling Grapefruit Shower Gel’.

When I squeezed some out in my hand I was first impressed with the clever valve that dispensed the gel and prevented leaks or big globs from coming out. Then I was hit with the luscious aroma! It smelled like a tart, juicy grapefruit when you first cut into it. It lathers up beautifully and left my skin silky smooth and soft. When I stepped out of the shower I was amazed to find the whole bathroom had been scented like Sparkling Grapefruit! I ran to Meg, bottle in my hand and asked if we were going to be testing this soon? Was it from an exclusive toiletries line? Was it ridiculously expensive? “No” she scoffed “I got that at CVS”. I made sure I went to CVS in LA and bought 10 bottles and lugged them home with me. Only to discover that it is also available at CVS in NJ. And I’m going to go ahead and guess, CVS everywhere!

So if you can’t afford Jo Malone’s Grapefruit shower get at $50 a bottle. Or like me, you just think that’s ridic to spend that much on soap, run out to CVS and pick up Essence of Beauty Shower Gel in Sparkling Grapefruit.

OH! There’s more great stuff. It says on the back of the bottle that;” the sweet refreshing scent of grapefruit is known to dispel fatigue and irritability, leaving you with new energy and lightness of spirit”! So wash with this and send the PMS monster packing! Say goodbye to sleepy mornings! AND you can use it as a bubble bath, to soak the blues away!!

P.S. I tried the body cream thinking it would be equally yummy, but it smelled yucky. Pass on the cream and body lotion.

What Bargain Body Scrubs have you ladies had luck with?

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