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episecialBabyLove here!  Do you know that William’s favorite place on earth is Target?  One time when we were in Florida, and on our way to Disney World, William suggested that instead of going to see Mickey that we instead go to Target.  My husband and I were shopping there the other day, and we ran into Alex, William’s best friend from school.  I was sure that if William had been there he would have died of happiness seeing his best friend in his favorite store.

I’ve had my eye on the Episencial line for a while now.  My interest was initially sparked when a friend told me that their eczema cream had worked wonders on her nephew.  So, needless to say, when their rep. agreed to send some products, I was thrilled.  I really enjoy highlighting products that are readily available to everyone.

It’s hard to ignore Episencial because their packaging is just so darn cute.  The artwork is created by Eric Carle, author of the popular children’s book, The Very Hungry Catepillar.  Showing a little caterpillar inching its way out of a piece of fruit (the fruit varies depending on the product), the bright colors are so eye catching.  Even if I hadn’t heard any recommendations of this line, the package alone would make me believe I was buying something great.

I loved the way the orange playful foaming wash smells.  It’s 2 in 1 so it covers all the necessary areas with a quick scrub.  It foams up fantastically, and really allows the kids to see for themselves all the areas they’ve scrubbed.  It rinses off so easily, leaves no greasy mess behind, and leaves their skin so soft.  A little goes a long way with this product, so it’s lasted us an entire month while we’ve been using it pretty much every other day.  Episencial is a product line that you can trust.

Episencial’s line contains no synthetic additives, parabens, or petroleum.  They use real fruit juice extract for their fragrances, and their bottles are recycled and free of phthalate and BPA.  What else?  Oh, how about all the products are manufactured in a plant with solar power!  Now we’re seriously talking green. Behind the name is an entire team of consultants with all sorts of fancy degrees and super knowledge about what’s great for our little ones!  And the best part, it’s affordable!

Check out their website and have a little look around for yourself.  You’ll be so informed by the time you’re clicking off, that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t try it.

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