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Hello! it’s Jeanasina here a.k.a. Sunhat Stella (summer time alias) your ace reporter on location in Minneapolis!  These days, especially during the summer months I completely make every attempt to keep the sun off of my face and body.  For YEARS I would spend every weekend and my two week vacations taking my lawn chair to the beach along with a good mystery and I’d sit my bikini covered buttocks down on my lawn chair which was always strategically placed IN the water, just on the edge of the lake. I always had the perfect people watching spot and would sit there for at least 8 hours a day!  I would bake in the sun until I was a beautifully glazed brown!  I am a good tanning candidate and it takes a lot for me to get a burn. What a gift huh?  My mom, in the early days of my life was a tanner too!  She had the darkest tan of anybody I ever met!  When she was around, she would put on some short terry cloth shorts and a matching terry cloth halter top (much like the look of the 1940’s) and lay out in our front yard slathered in OLIVE OIL!  Truth – I kid you not!  It probably was the secret to her fabulous tan but man oh man, olive oil on baked-in-the-sun-skin is SO not a good smell! Gagging as I write this…Obviously I inherited the tanning gene.  A few years ago I finally realized that what I was doing to my skin was STUPID and dangerous.  I did use SOME sunscreen during these marathons at the beach and it usually was Coppertone #4 because I loved the smell and figured it did do a little something to protect me from the sun’s rays!  It was my token acknowledgment to sunburn prevention.  More times than not, after I had been in the water, I wouldn’t reapply sunscreen unless I felt something was starting to blister! I was always able to acquire a very dark tan and because of this I pretty much worked my skin into a brown frenzy which in later years resulted in sun damage and age spots.  These gems are a daily reminder that I was SO STUPID to bake my body like I always did.  Let me say if I could have a ‘do over’ I’d SO have never ever spent all that time frying my poor skin!  Sunscreen really was about ‘amplifying’ the sun so you’d get even tanner rather than any real type of skin cancer prevention back then!  People actually put iodine in their baby oil or suntan lotion to make their skin appear even darker back in my youth!  Yes, even I tried the iodine thing at least once!  I remember going to the drugstores and smelling each lotion and sometimes THAT was my criteria for which suntan product I’d take to the beach – if it smelled yummy I’d buy it! What’s wrong with this picture?

There is no magic cream I can put on my body that will overnight bring me back the lovely youthful porcelain skin I began with.  I have to deal with what I have now because I helped create it and those spots are all over my body except for my buttocks because THAT was the only part that was constantly covered!  Who hopes I am including a photo of my buttocks with this review?  Every time I see a young girl with unmarred lovely white skin I want to run up and tell her how fabulous her skin is and to never start tanning!  I try to put on sunscreen every time I go outdoors these days but it’s not second nature so I have to really think about slathering it on before I go out.  There are SO many brands out there to chose from.  Lucky for ME that Meg has sent me several lovely sun screen brands to test out!  Today I’m going to give a little shout out to Epione of Beverly Hills SPF 30 Full Spectrum Sun Protection!

The SPF 30 Epione sunscreen comes in a 2.0 oz tube (not very large so a person might use it up quite quickly, unfortunately).  It has a lovely creamy texture and it’s somewhat thick, so when you rub it in, you feel like you are truly getting some high quality product on your skin!  If you touch the area where you put the sunscreen about five minutes later, it’s still there!  You really feel like it’s making a protective barrier wherever you put it.  I filled my bathtub up and got in with the sunscreen on and my floaties and pretended I was playing at the beach for an extended period of time to test it out. (This could be true – you don’t know…)  I noticed that the water kind of bounced off of my skin which, again, showed me that the product was undoubtedly providing an invisible barrier from unwanted sunbeams.  I also noticed that my skin feels incredibly soft wherever I put on the lotion and not tacky in any way.  I was hoping for a more tropical fragrance however. But the fragrance seems to leave the area within a short span of time so my thoughts are – what is the purpose of this product – TO KEEP BAD SUNRAYS OFF OF ME!  It’s not a perfume, so there you go.  The next time I can even bear to be outside in the sun – it’s 95 humid degrees here today (I’m melting) – I will be conducting an actual sun rainin’ down on me experiment to see if it truly blocks the sun and I’ll report back immediately with my results on that aspect!

The Epione sunscreen was created by Dr. Simon Ourian who is the Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills.  Dr. Ourian was unhappy with the quality of sun blocks offered at pharmacies & department stores so he created his own formulas which comes in very simple packaging.  No bells and whistles, just a quality product.  Dr. Ourian points out that sun damage destroys collagen and skin tone, causes wrinkles and discoloration and generally makes people look older!  I wonder if he needs a poster child for all those things – I happen to know someone!!  Dr. Ourian is currently making it possible for not only his patients but non-patients like yourself to purchase this highly coveted sun protection!  He suggests you pair it up with Epione Signature Series Restoration Firm and Fade cream for optium results.   I have to say, this sun protection cream is very luxurious and feels much like a high end face cream!  I read that you can remove it with soap and water!  WOW!!!!  If you actually have to REMOVE it – that’s outstanding!  That means this stuff stays on you like like duct tape sticks to your boyfriend’s favorite ripped out tennis shoes!  I can’t wait to give it a real challenge!  It contains SPF 30 and provides both UVB and UVA protection.  It’s priced at $45.00 a tube.  Speaking of duct tape, I’ll totally be hoarding this lovely creamy $45.00 sunscreen to myself and keep it duct taped to my thigh so nobody else can use it.  Have I mentioned how outstanding it makes your skin feel?

What do you ladies think of Epione’s Premier SPF 30 Full Spectrum Sun Protection?


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