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Meg here, so I guess it was a couple of months ago that I wrote some post about being 12 or 13 years old and snagging my mothers Epilady. I used it once, it pulled out a buch of pubic hairs and I nearly fainted from the pain. I quickly placed the Epilady back in my mother’s bathroom and never touched the damn thing again. I learned my lesson, I stuck to borrowing lipsticks and shadows from there on out.

Well, Amir from Epilady somehow read that post and prompty emailed me that this is not my mothers Epilady. Its been almost twenty years since that incident and they’ve made great strides in lady hair removal. If I were game he’d send me their newest product The Epilady Epic. I agreed that I hadn’t really given the company a fair shake since a lot of things have improved in twenty years so to send it along and I’ll revisit Epilady.

A really cool metal can came about a week later, inside was the Epilady, a charger and a great travel pouch. It looked great but I was a little scared. I mean it was modern and round and looked improved but was I setting myself up for torture?

I let the round device charge for a day and didn’t shave anywhere for about 3 days before I used it. I first was afraid and lightly ran it up my legs and while it was not really painful it still was uncomfortable. I mean it’s ripping the hairs out from the root so its not like you think you’re getting a massage or anything. I had to have a serious pep talk with myself to be able to really press down and delve in and give an honest review. Here is my honest review..You need to drink wine before you do this. You need to drink atleast 2 glasses. You need to be committed as this takes longer then shaving. If you have 20 minutes and get buzzed while using this you will LOVE the results. I had smooth skin for weeks. Really, ridiculously smooth. I even did the pubes and whats weird about that is, it was less uncomfortable then doing the legs. Go figure. Also, its impossible to cut yourself so Epilady Under The Influence is my ringing endorsement.

I still shave, I’m not 100% converted but here’s when I will be..Bathingsuit Season and weekends away. So if you want to be hair-free for weeks at a time I endorse this product! Take it from me, partner it with a nice Pinot.

Here’s what Epilady Epic says “New from Epilady® — the original and best-known name in epilation — is our exclusive rechargeable Epic™ model. Its advanced new technology features 22 sets of rotating discs that generate over 35,000 tweezes per minute to quickly and comfortably remove very short hair. Enjoy smooth legs for about a month and never shave again! Innovative design works in either hand. Measures 3″ across. A full 5-hour charge yields 45 minutes of cordless use (or use corded with plug-in adapter/charger). One-year warranty.”

Any ladies out there fans of the new and improved Epilady Epic?

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