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Sweetassgal here today to bring Green Chi Tuesdays into the future…or I guess in this case…to relive the past.  I grew up on Hannah Barbera cartoons like Scooby Doo and the Jetsons.  These were the kind of cartoons that had you laughing on Saturday mornings and then running outside to play Mystery Machine in an old refrigerator box and drive your flying car!  In my youthful adolescence we really thought that by 2010 we’d have condos on the moon and dinners that came in pill form which took 3 seconds to turn into an instant gourmet feast.  Alas…the world has not progressed the way Mr. Hanna and Mr. Barbera once prophesized but every once in a while a product comes along that reminds you of the kind of world they had envisioned.  EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is just such a product.

When I first got this in my pack from Meg I kind of overlooked it.  At first glance I thought it was like a mini ped-egg or something.  Then I gave it a second look and was really intrigued.  This space age looking little pod was actually a lip balm!  Fascinated I ripped open the packaging and tried to pull off the lid.  I pulled and pulled and couldn’t get the cap off.  You see, I wasn’t forward thinking enough to realize this is not your traditional applicator.  I opened my mind to new possibilities, gave it a quick twist, and off it came revealing a round bump of moisturizing goodness.  Up it went to my lips and I swirled it around my top then bottom lip.  To be honest, it was a little odd to me and it just didn’t feel right in my hand.  Again…my Virgo linear thinking here so I had to jolt myself out of it and realize there is more than one way to swipe a balm.  I gave it another pass and realized this is lip balm for LAZIES!!!  Hold your lips in their natural position (don’t make the make up face O) and with just one quick sweep the large round balm quickly covers both lips at once!

Meg sent me the sweet mint flavor and I was SO touched.  This just proves what she has said all along.  She really thinks about each of us when she puts these packs together.  She knows our likes and dislikes, our needs and our wants.  I LOVE mint lip balms and this one sets itself apart from many others because it’s not a spicy mint but a delicately sweet and subtle spearmint scent.  The first thing you notice is that it’s super, super creamy…almost like lotion for the lips…and it doesn’t leave a waxy film behind, it’s just a feeling of softness with a slight moisturizing kick.  It was so fun trying out this new little contraption that I kept using it over and over throughout the day just to show off!  Like I said, this is a light coverage balm and great for summertime application so I don’t think it would stand up to harsh winter cold like the heavily medicated balms I sometimes use would.  But for now I’m enjoying using the cute little mint colored orb whenever I need a little extra moisturizing without heavily coating my pucker.  The men in your life will love it because it’s such a sweet tasting soft mint that won’t leave them with girlie residue on their lips when you smooch your sweetie.  I know my husband hates that and he didn’t even wince when he kissed me with the EOS on!

EOS is the Evolution of Smooth and I think that this lip balm epitomizes the namesake.  It comes in Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and my Sweet Mint.  If the smooth sphere application is too Judy Jetson for you then they have a traditional stick balm as well in Pomegranite Raspberry and Vanilla Bean.  For just $3.99 it’s a great deal and makes me even happier with its USDA Certified 95% Organic rating, fortified with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, and is petrolatum and paraben free!  That’s just an all around great little product and I know others are liking it too.  Once you acclimate to the round balm it’s really a lot of fun!  Whip it out in line at the grocery store and just watch the oohh’s and aaahhh’s as onlookers marvel at your quirky little space age and yet organic conditioning balm.  In my mind I’m already hopping into my jet pack for an afternoon of shopping at the sky mall.  Too fun…thanks EOS!  GLAM ON!!!!




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