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Welcome back to Green Chi Tuesdays with me, Chichi! I grew up in Pennsylvania, land of suburbs and farms and one of my favorite memories was a trip to the farmers stand during the summer. My favorite Aunt would load all the kids in the back of the car at the end of a day at the pool and we would cruise by the local farmers stand on the way home. Then my cousins and I would be put to work on the patio, shucking corn and shelling peas while the grown-ups talked, drank and manned the barbeque. Than we would all settle down outside at twilight and eat until the lighting bugs filled the yard. I can still remember how the corn on the cob seemed to burst with freshness.

I still yearn for really good produce so naturally I adore Farmers Markets – it’s like an outside mall filled with the roadside stands of my youth. This weekend I ventured to the Hollywood Farmers Market and loaded up on organic veggies, fruits and even a beautiful indoor plant. Your local Farmers Market is a total win/win situation. The produce is sent directly from the farm to the market, so it’s as fresh as possible. Everything is pesticide and preservative free and with none of that horrible wax you get from grocery stores produce. The farms are local, so nothing has traveled on trucks across four states to reach you. Throw all your purchases in one or two of canvas bags and look at all the little differences you’ve made while saving money. Did I mention how much cheaper the farmers market is than your average grocery store?

One of my favorite stands at the Hollywood Market is filled with the most fragrant fresh herbs. I like to go and peruse the mounds of basil, lavender, cilantro, lemongrass and chamomile and just inhale all of the great smells. As I soaked in the smells of that stand this weekend, I was reminded of the EO Shower Gel currently residing in my tub. This creamy, sudsy body wash has the most natural, fresh herbal smell. It fills my shower with its soft scent but is never overpowering. The gel foams into a great lather that cleans and moisturizers my skin and leaves a very subtle fragrance behind. They have a number of great choices, including Grapefruit & Mint, Rose & Chamomile and Lemon Verbena. Best of all, they are well priced at about seven dollars a bottle.

The EO line is vegan and claims to use “organic or wild-crafted essential oils… to create natural personal care products that awaken & delight your senses.” They manage to do all this while “supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and small family farms” Hmm, so it’s like a tiny farmers market in your local drugstore!

Are there any other EO Product fans out there? Or did you fill up on good things at your local farmers market this weekend? Let’s hear about it!

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