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glovettesMeg here! Cindsoo and I were out to dinner Friday night and the conversation turned (this is a constant if I’m at the table) to beauty products. It then turned to everybody’s topic of constant conversation…The weather! It was the lack of weather.

Meg: There was really no hot summer. At least I didn’t get a burn. No wrinkles. If you’re all red people stare at you like you’re some kind of freak now anyway.

There is this woman at my work and, I swear, she seriously wraps herself in a burqa before she gets in her car to avoid getting hit with the sun. She’s Asian. Is that an Asian thing?

The “is that an Asian thing” got me thinking. It may be. I get pitches from a lot of Asian companies, always in their press release is how “whitening” it makes your skin. Any Asian readers care to set the record on this one? Is it influence from the West or is your culture just really responsible with the sun?

A burqa is a bit extreme to wrap around your head! Living in fear of the sun’s aging rays is more common then you would think. Top hand model Ellen Sirot (they paid her 10 grand A DAY to use her hands!) Is a mature woman. She has the hands of a princess teenager. I can safely say there is a better chance of me seeing Jesus today at the 7-11 then Ellen Sirot ever seeing a liver spot!

Her line “Hand Perfection” has won the raves of mature women everywhere looking to restore their hands to the beauty of their youth. More Magazine calls it a “Must Have!”

Hand Perfection’s Glovettes
are perfect for driving in the car. They have SPF and cover the age revealing hands perfectly. A lot of women forget to put sunscreen on the tops of their hands everyday. I know I do. These glovettes are a lot of fun and I look very chic with my leopard print protective accessory driving down the PCH in my hot red convertible. My convertible is very fun, sun-safe? I’m afraid not.

Check out Ellen’s Hand Perfection if you feel as though your hands are started to give away your age (or are making you look older! Yikes!) The entire line is absolutely fantastic. If you don’t believe me you can either look at all the press that she’s gotten OR LOOK AT THE WOMAN’S AGE-LESS HANDS!Kiss

How careful are you with the sun? How careful are you with your hands?

Buy It here!

Ellen is generously offering 30% off her line with the code MEG30!

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