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ellen3Jeanasina Hey ladies! Pull on your comfy over fluffed bathrobes and favorite striped cozy fleece socks and have a read of Jeanasina’s Wednesday Body Beautiful report of the week! I have been chomping at the bit to talk about Ellen Sirot’s Hand Perfection Night Solution for Hands!

I have regaled you in the past couple of weeks with two of Ellen’s hand miracle products but today … it’s the piece de resistance – (the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in this collection that I’m going to focus on! At least, this was my favorite item out of the four components I used in Ellen’s exquisitely designed hand improvement collection!

Where to start! OK, the night solution comes in a jar and it’s definitely not just ANY jar! Take a look at the photo of the jar and try to imagine opening it. You lift the cap straight up to remove (DO NOT TWIST!) Once you get the cap off you will see a smooth flat surface with a dispenser hole in the center of the flat surface. You don’t see the product immediately – it is hidden below the plastic disk carefully protecting the night cream from any accidental over use or spills! At $75.00 a jar you will not want to waste a single drop so this cap is a great safeguard! In order to dispense some of the product for your evening use, you gently push down on the plastic disk and a perfect sized drop of the night cream comes out. You then apply the drop to the back of your hands, using the back of your hands to massage it in thoroughly. A single drop should cover both hands unless you have abnormally huge hands or perhaps if you are a man. I would then perhaps suggest two drops. Then you go to sleep and wake up admiring your hands! Or…maybe you’ll wake up and find your partner looming over your hands with a camera because they woke up and saw how pretty your hands looked! One thing that happens for sure is…after you put it on you absolutely LOVE how smooth and soft your hands feel!

The next morning you will be very pleased with the results that the single drop of night cream has done in it’s work to cause metamorphosis your hands! Without question, this cream is expensive but I’d have to say that it is also without question a fact that this cream really penetrates your skin and alters it for the better! It has performed the most substantial results of any hand cream/lotion I have ever tried!

Here’s a warning…don’t let this happen to you! Last night I got the cream out just before I was going to bed. I was super tired and I went to open the cream in the darkness of a barely lit room. Without thinking about what I was doing, I did what is usually natural and I twisted the lid off like you do normal jars and I FELT all this wonderful product come blasting out over the sides of the jar and onto the table! Just like in the movies when you hear that low computer voice yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” at the same time the actor is moving in slow motion, that was ME! I completely blasted out of my tired stupor in an instant when I realized which cream I had overflowing from the jar! My prized cream! It was glopping in a free-for-all onto my table! It was like seeing liquid gold from my vault seeping away from my grip! I turned on the light and salvaged as much as I could back into the jar and onto my hands – LOTS more than my usual drop went onto my hands and the table. That night and the next day my hands were like the hands of a newborn baby because I ended up using SO much of it so it wouldn’t get wasted! Holy fantastic skin texture!

This product is everything it’s cracked up to be! If I had a pyramid of hand creams/lotions/potions etc displayed in my bedroom, Ellen Sirot’s Hand Perfection Night Solution for Hands would be at the very tip top – TOP DOG – most revered – most treasured – and…most impressive!

You can purchase it on this link below and…RIGHT NOW JUST FOR MEG READERS…if you plug in the code MEG25 – you can get 25% off of all HAND PERFECTION products through December 31, 2009! This is your opportunity to try the hand perfection creams endorsed and created by the #1 hand model out there!

Get this for yourself if you have even the slightest signs of hand age spots for holiday! Get this for your mom or your mother-in-law or Grammy and be everyone’s miracle worker!

Who has used Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection Night Solution? What did you think?

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