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Hey ladies – it’s Jeanasina with Body Beautiful Wednesday and I’m about to launch into a four part review on Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection products! I’m going to start out right off the bat by saying “OMG!!!! as a beginning commentary on the products AND on the woman herself – Ellen Sirot! Until I received these products I had never heard of Ellen Sirot. After I received the products and started using them I wanted to know exactly WHO this woman is and why her products work so well and give such AMAZING results! I want to tell you everything I possibly can so it’s going to take 4 reviews of 4 of her eye-opening, I-can’t-believe-the-difference-hand-products, to get you informed and absolutely dazzled!

Let’s start with the creator of the products I have been using, Ellen Sirot! Ellen Sirot is the “supermodel of hands”! Yes, call Ripley’s, but there is actually a supermodel of hands! Her absolutely perfect hands have appeared in advertising campaigns, major fashion and beauty magazines and have represented the hands of Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank and Rachael Ray! She’s literally a hand stand-in! Ok, if I haven’t sucked you in yet with this narrative, read this…Ellen Sirot makes….wait for it….$10,000.00 a day being a HAND MODEL! I am astonished at that figure! There are only two things Ellen Sirot and I have in common. One is, I have hands. The second is, on her list of tips concerning her daily regimen for taking care of her personal asset, she mentions “Draining.” She says… “When it is time for picture perfect hands, I keep my hands above my heart for five minutes to allow the blood to drain out of them.” This is one trick I learned back in the 80’s when I went to modeling school and tried modeling myself. Try this right now ladies and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Put one of your hands up, like you are raising your hand in school hoping the teacher will call on you. Leave the other hand down at your side. Now wait as long as you can, even 30 seconds will do, but the longer you wait, the better the results. Now bring your hand down and bring your other hand up and compare the two! WOW huh? The hand that was above your head looks quite lovely and almost flawless doesn’t it? Even the coloring of your skin looks different! That’s one trick I never forgot because I was so amazed at what it does! Realizing that, gave me this insight too – thank goodness our heads are at the highest point on our bodies! Future brides remember this tip for your wedding photos!

When Ellen decided to be a hand model she began rigorous hand makeover efforts. She found the most moisturizing products available and moisturized up to 20 times a day, while wearing gloves up to her elbows (to avoid sun exposure), washing her hands only when hygienically imperative, she minimized her intake of caffeine, salt and alcohol (to avoid swelling), and she did the one other thing that would keep her hands completely safe from any accidental hand tragedy, she didn’t lift a finger!!! As a result of her diligent efforts she was literally able to turn back the hands of time on her hands – leaving her with radiant, flawless hands, without an age spot or freckle, loose, crepe-y skin or bulging vein!!!!! Now THAT is a woman who had a goal and made it happen! The woman is completely fascinating to me!

Ellen has created her own line of 4 products that you use together that will help YOU to have beautiful hands whether you are young and wanting to keep your hands lovely as you go through life or if you are old and want to turn back time on our hands! I absolutely love these products and am just so excited to tell you about them over the next four weeks!

Today I’m going to start by telling you about her Hand Perfection Moisturizing Cleanser for hands! Now, don’t scurry off when you find out that this hand cleanser has a $30.00 price tag on it. Instead, view this product as the fist step in a hand regimen that is pretty much a shoe-in for having better looking hands than most of your girlfriends and female associates! Also…put in your mind the image of a dashingly handsome/smoking hot male or if you prefer, a smoldering enticing vixen making his or her way across the room just so he/she can lift your hand up to their lips in an introductory kiss…i.e. “Allow me to introduce myself…” Your hands could easily become the most compelling part of your body with use of Ellen’s products! Hand Perfection moisturizing cleanser is the polar opposite of Lava Liquid heavy duty hand cleaner!! This is a gift to your hand washing moments! I set my hand perfection cleanser pump on the sink with a sign that says “Unless your name is Jeanasina DON’T TOUCH THIS!Here’s how you use it. “Pump once into wet skin. Gently rub hands together to activate later. Rinse and pat dry. Follow with HAND PERFECTION complete day cream.”

Just a little eeking of product comes out at a time (which is good because you don’t want to waste a drop) and it has a very small lathering factor – nothing like a monster foaming pump does but again, this is all about hand luxury. Your hands feel nurtured after lathering so you know the ingredients must be good! By using this cleanser your hands are protected, hydrated and soft.

I have to stop talking about Ellen Sirot and her off the charts great hand products line, Meg limits us to no more than 87 paragraphs per review! Kiss Until I can come back to you next week to talk about the day cream (can’t wait to tell you about that!) I will leave you with this video which is on youtube letting you see a bit more into the life of Ellen Sirot! I’m telling you – this woman has got her hand act together! Let’s mention this one more time…$10,000.00 a day! I’m not saying if you use her hand perfection products you make that kind of money, but I AM saying, your hands will look DAMN GOOD and IMPRESSIVE!

There are moments in life that strike you and something is said that you never forget, for whatever reason. For me it was when my son was really young and we were on an airplane on our way to visit my daughter who was living in Alaska. Across the isle from us was a very elderly old woman. My son nudged me and looked over at the lady and whispered to me something like “Mom! Look at how awful that ladies hands look! I hope you never have hands like that because I wouldn’t want to touch them!” Out of mouths of children. I often think my hands are definitely on their way to where that lady’s was back then. Hands really to speak volumes about your age.

My hands are probably one of my worst features (I think they are worse than my feet.) I have what I call ‘barnacles’ on at least 5 fingers – calcium deposits which grow over time and make big hard knobs on your fingers which make them look OLD! Lots of sun damage and of course they are WRINKLED. People say that you can tell a person’s age by their hands…for SURE I have at least 61 year old hands if not older! I never take of my hands – seldom even take time to lotion them up anymore so they were prime candidates for a hand makeover and so far…I just am in awe at what these products are doing for me. My hands are starting to look undamaged and smooth! Using these products is a total luxury time of my day morning and night and every time I use one of them I look at my hands and smile. I usually want to sit on my hands so nobody sees them! Do yourself a favor and look over the website, there is a ton of great information on hand care and you will benefit by all of it!

See you next week – enjoy your hands this week and do something fun with them! Kiss

What do you ladies do to keep your hands from telling your true age?

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