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daycreamHello ladies – Jeanasina here, with another round of commentary about Ellen Sirot products! Since I wrote last week, I now have about 3 weeks in, using Ellen Sirot’s magical hand transformers! Last week I told you about her moisturizing cleanser and this week I want to talk about her Hand Perfection Complete day cream!

This day cream comes in an impressive 3.4 oz elegant dispenser. According to the directions you just rub a pearl sized drop into back of hands as needed, especially after hands are exposed to water. You usually don’t see directions that specify ‘back of hands’ so it was a bit unusual to administer it in this fashion. However, the back of your hands are what really need a new lease on life the most! The cream itself comes out in a tiny little squiggle so you don’t waste a drop! It’s a white cream and I really didn’t notice any fragrance so it definitely won’t be jacking up your allergies which can be SO annoying with some hand creams! When you put it on, in this case it is more of a caressing, smoothing backhanded application. It’s not your usual slather up method where it takes forever to try to use up all the lotion that came out of your 12 pulsating pumps! With this cream, you take time to be fully aware that you are putting some exquisite, expensive, top quality, hand cream, used by a $10,000.00 a day hand model! You look at your hands deliberately while putting in on and then again after you put it on and then, hours later, you look at them again! With each look you feel pleasure and satisfaction that something wonderful is happening to your frazzled hands!

I will say in all honesty, my hands ARE showing an improvement and I wish I would have taken photos before I started so that you and I could see the difference visibly together! I still have the hands of a ‘mature’ woman, and yes there are still veins, and knobs but…my hands look smoother, more feminine and less aged! I think my heinous age spots have actually toned down to a place where they are not screaming out “old age sun damage HERE” like they were. I honestly am seeing that there must really be something to achieving a positive outcome from using this day cream! Out of the four products in the Hand Perfection line, this day cream was my second favorite product with the night cream coming in as #1! Using the products together of course helps to achieve optimal results!

I meant it when I said my hands are one of my worst things. My fingernails really look just awful, I think the life has been leeched out of them, they are constantly chipping and tearing and look like fingernails that have been sorting through old wet coffee filters. I’m often mortified when I am signing my credit card receipts at the store and I see the condition of my bag lady fingernails. Then the rest of my gnarly hand just seems to try to keep up with the ill looking condition of my fingernails. Travesty hands big time. Since I started using the Hand Perfection line – I gotta say – when I look down and see these old hands tearing away the wrapper on a super size Hershey candy bar – I have to actually pause!! It’s at that precise moment that I hold up my hand in front of my face and say “DAMN!” I can’t get over the really remarkable results that I have had in these few weeks of using these products!

Ladies, if you have hands that you really enjoy, hands that you like to feature as one of your best assets, you want to use Ellen Sirot’s hand perfection products! My hands look so much more FEMININE!!! These products have done more for my hands than any other product I have ever tried and if I combine the great results with the trick I told you about last week – putting my hand in the air for a few minutes…SHAZAM!!!!!!! I have some really nice looking hands!

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Have any of you ladies used any Ellen Sirot products? How do you keep your hands young?
What do you think?

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