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aloeglovesIt’s 8:30 on Tuesday evening as I write this. I’m willing to bet that right now NONE of you are wearing gloves! Hello!? Spring is here! Is this glove talk right now more of Jeanasina’s insanity? What if I were to tell you that I found a pair of gloves that actually contain natural aloe vera and vitamin E in the glove and that you wear them at night?! I discovered a pair of Earth Therapeutics Ultra Plush Moisturizing Gloves on an end cap at Marshalls recently!

The compulsion to buy them really started when I read the tag on the gloves…”these super-soft gloves continually moisturize while surrounding your hands in plush comfort.” Moisturizing gloves?

These soft moisturizing gloves come in 6 colors! Not every store has all the colors. There is a warning on the gloves that says “Do not IRON!” Kiss! How many of you out there have EVER ironed your gloves? I can only imagine a couple saying something like this…the man…”My darling! We are going to be late! What’s keeping you?” and the woman of course responds in a fairy-godmother lilting voice… “I’m ironing my gloves my sweet!”.

On the BONUS side for me…besides making my hands feel nicer after I take them off…these gloves are also the answer to my silent prayer! Every night, just before I’m going to go to bed, mini-icebergs blast through my bloodstream and cause futuristic freezing stuff to enter my hands! By 8:00 p.m. my hands are totally freezing! The rest of my body is warm and of a human temperature! Not the hands … they seem to have their own thermostat that STOPS WORKING at night!

My point? Everything about these gloves is a plus on their own but, being able to put the gloves on in the evening, just before I go to sleep is giving me warm happy moist hands! By the way, they are 97% Nylon and 3% spandex and they are definitely comfortable! I have worn regular gloves to bed, but I felt silly. If I’m wearing MOISTURIZING ALOE GLOVES, it doesn’t seem as silly!

The company that makes these softening gloves is Earth Therapeutics! These gloves can be found at Ulta,, Sears, and even more stores! I paid $3.99 for them at Marshalls and the highest cost seems to be in the $6.00 range or so.

They also suggest that before you put your gloves on that you should massage your favorite lotion into your hands first! Then, slip on the gloves! Now this could be trouble. Let’s say that you happen to go to bed before your husband does. You put on these gloves over your abundantly lotioned hands before you get into bed. Later your husband wakes you up and says, “What’s been going on here tonight?” He’s going to ask you this because when he comes into to the room, he sees you lying on top of the bed covers, naked, except for these new gloves! Explanations will have to be made! You’ll just have to explain that you got hot because you were wearing gloves and that you are wearing gloves so your hands will look hot!

Here is some lovely information about the company that makes these gloves…“To Earth Therapeutics, “best” doesn’t mean expensive. Their items are reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy the fun, innovative, “feel good” products they have to offer. They use organic natural ingredients whenever possible. And they consistently do a “reality check” to make sure that the quest for profits does not obscure their long-term vision of promoting human and environmentalwell-being. Earth Therapeutics believes that ultimately, their business success must depend on how closely they adhere to the Common Good.”

These gloves had 26 reviews at Ulta and the average was 4.44 out of 5! One lady said they work much better than white cotton gloves. She said with white cotton gloves, the gloves soak up the lotion you put on your hands. With these Earth Therapeutics gloves, the lotion stays on your hands so they get the full benefit!

I am pretty much all PRO this glove and the only CON I can see is that you really can’t ‘text’ or type on your laptop with the gloves on although… I bet Meg could!

All I can say is, if my hands get to the point where they are as soft as the glove is…I’ll believe in them even more! I thought this was a good find! Of course if you are planning bedroom courtship methods, the gloves will either be an element of sensual surprise because they are so soft or you’ll get you’ll get a look that says “You are creeping me out right now!”

Buy them here!

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