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BabyLove here!  Big thanks to everyone who contributed comments about their own sensitive skin issues, and the products used to treat them.  Please let me know if there is a specific product you want me to look into.  

OK, onto our next baby product, which actually is more of an “everyone” product.  Dr. Haushcka’s Soothing Mask has been used in my house nearly everyday for the past four weeks that I have had it.  What have I used it on, you ask?  Well, have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding?  I’m the dad and Dr. Hauschka’s is my Windex.

My husband:  “The baby’s bum is red.”
Me:  “Put a little soothing mask on it.”

  “I’m itchy.”
Me:  “Let me get some cream.”

My husband:  “I have razor burn.”

I bring up the fact that everyone in your home can use this product, because it is a little expensive.  Another important thing to keep in mind about this cream is that a little goes a LONG way.  It comes in a 1 oz. tube, but it lasts.  I’ve had mine for four weeks, and it’s still more than half full.

I use the soothing mask after my shower (notice the word daily was left out).  I don’t specifically apply it when I’m broken out, or if my skin is in disarray.  Once on, it doesn’t harden and flake, but firms up just a bit to let you know its working.  It washes off easily, I mean really easily.  There isn’t any need to scrub your face like you do the dishes, and with the Soothing Mask you don’t need to. With no residue left behind, the only thing that’s left is smooth, supple skin.  I don’t even bother to use my moisturizer afterwards because my skin feels that good.

My husband, Mike, has very light, fair skin.  He really hates shaving, but does so everyday (Thank you Marine Corps.).  Needless to say, one shave with a razor that has been around just one day too long, can rip his face to shreds.  He used this, reluctantly, and had rave reviews about how soft his skin felt!!  He said, and I quote, “My skin (unlike my flaming red hair) doesn’t feel like it’s on fire anymore.”  

The scent isn’t as earthy as I would expect from a product line that bases its product on plant extracts, but there is definitely an herbal smell.  I cannot, for the life of me, pinpoint the most dominant smell, but it’s got a spicy, zesty scent to it.  Maybe one of the other reviewers will be able to clarify this LOVELY smell for me.

I do not recommend this product for a baby who has BAD diaper rash due to illness or teething.  However, it definitely soothed Calum’s bum, and should be used, in my opinion, as a preventative measure against those really nasty diaper rashes.

Furthermore, William has bad eczema that is treated through a prescription, topical steroid.  I use this steroid to treat his eczema when it is extremely flared.  I used Dr. Hauschka’s around his wrists and neck where there was a small amount of unbroken, red patches.  It worked to calm the area, and take the itch and redness away. Please, if you suffer from a skin ailment, follow your physician’s orders first….and then follow mine!

This mask is fantastic for everyone.  Don’t let the price scare you away because it’s worth it for everyone in your house.  If you find a great product, stick with it, and I’ll definitely be saving my pennies to stick with Dr. Hauschka.  Even if you’re not sold on this mask, check out because this line has everything from body washes to sunscreen and cosmetics.  They also have a great line for men, too.

What do you ladies think about the Dr. Hauschka line? Do you us it as your go-to miracle product?

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