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Stacy B here! Timing is everything. Swing a second later and you’ve struck out. Hit the gas a second earlier and you’ve avoided an accident. Send your resume at the right moment and you’ve landed your dream job. It works with products, too. Put on that sunscreen at the right time and no cancer or wrinkles for you! Wait on that darker shade of lipstick until the right season and you’re a fashion ‘do’. Start that new face wash the same day as a humid heat wave and you might avoid some unslightly blemishes.
I got a great product from Dove recently that was a bit off on the arrival. I like it, but I keep thinking how much more I’ll like it 5 months from now.
It’s Dove’s White Beauty Bar. This is a highly advertised brand so I’m sure most of you have heard about it. And if you’re a good listener, you know that Dove products contain 1/4 pure moisture cream that can leave your skin soft and smooth. The claim is that it washes like a soap, but not only will it not dry out your skin like one, it adds moisture to your skin. My problem is my skin isn’t really dry in the summer….
Like a majority of women, I’ve trended toward body washes for many years and stayed away from bar soaps because the body washes smelled better, lathered better, lasted longer, didn’t get crusty and cracked in the shower, stored neatly and didn’t dry my skin. So when I got this I wasn’t too excited to try it, but I did (I’m a good little reviewer like that).
The verdict was positive….I did like it. It smelled clean and fresh, had a nice shape, fit easily in my hand and had that curve in it that allowed me to easily wash my arms and legs. So far it has lasted over a week and is barely shrinking. It hasn’t left much icky soap scum and slime on my shower shelf. A little, but that’s to be expected. It lathered well which is a big deal for me. I need my bubbles. It was a thicker lather, too. Thick enough that I did a quick shin shave with just the soap and I didn’t get any irritation or razor burn from it. I wouldn’t recommend shaving with just this soap regularly, but it would work in an emergency.
My skin feels clean and soft. There’s no filmy feeling that soap can leave on you and my skin does feel moisturized. I still use lotion, but I would no matter what. I am not looking for a bar that can replace my lotion routine, just compliment it. This definitely did.
Back to my timing issue…what would this bar do in the dead of a long, cold winter? It seems to really work well, but the toughness test is Boston in January! No matter how much lotion I put on in the winter I still am a little dry. I think this soap would be a great help in the colder months. I like it enough that I’m willing to buy another bar sometime in late November. Like I said above, I want a good compliment to my moisturizing routine and I think this would be a great start.  This is a drugstore win because it’s a decent product and because you can find it just about anywhere for less than $4.

Who else loves Dove?

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