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dovebodywashStacy B here! This week it’s all about getting clean. My son and husband had that terrible stomach bug that’s been going around and it was a bad one. Short, but nasty. They were both fine after a day or so, but our house was a germ factory and I can’t afford to get sick and dehydrated at 31 weeks pregnant! There was a lot of Lysol and antibacterial wipes in between loads of laundry. I kept washing my hands and had the overwhelming need to shower many times a day just to get rid of any germs that may have leapt from my hands to my face or body or something.
Luckily, it worked, and 4 days later I am still bug-free. But, with a lot of scrubbing and cleaning I needed a body wash that wouldn’t dry out my skin. Dove to the rescue! You can’t get much better than Dove right now. It’s inexpensive, works well, easy to use and does what it says it’s going to. Is it the best money can buy? Maybe not, it is after all, still a drugstore product but in some cases I’d chose the under $10 product that works over something insanely expensive that does the same thing. Ladies on a budget, Dove should be your best friend right now!
In all my showering this weekend I have been using Dove’s VisibleCare Renewing Crème Body Wash.
This review will be short and sweet because it’s great, it works, I love it and it’s cheap.Kiss
First, for about $8, this bottle is HUGE. It dwarfs everything in my shower right now, and there is no shortage of products in there! This is going to last me forever. And I can use it for bicep curls when the baby is born and I’m trying to get back in shape.
The product comes out really creamy and thick. It looked oily and I was worried about that, and also worried how much lather I’d get if it was more creamy than a regular liquid soap/body wash.  I loaded up my pouf and was almost instantly overwhelmed with bubbles. I really used too much! Just a quarter sized amount is enough for your whole body (including my giant baby belly!). My skin washed away so clean and easily and there was nothing left. No oily residue, no dry patches, nothing. Just soft, smooth skin. I barely had to use lotion.
It smells soap-y and mild, more like a clean smell than a fragrance. There’s no other flavor or scent to it, which I like. I have a great lotion that is a mixed berry scent that hubby loves so I was happy that I could use that after and not have any lingering soap smell to mask it. And, I needed less lotion, too, so thumbs up for saving me a little money on lotion, Dove.
Once again, a very easy review to right, a great product and a regular in my shower routine. Thanks Dove, you keep putting out good, quality products for those of us ‘regular gals’ that love coupons, deals and drugstores.

Any of you Dove girls?

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