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I’m an actress. Because of my career choice I get to hear the word “pigeonholed” all the time. “I don’t want to get pigeonholed” “That casting director always pigeonholes me as…..” “Don’t accept too many roles as one type of character otherwise you’ll get pigeonholed”. Well, I did everything in my power to fight my “Type”, to avoid being pigeonholed. I cut all my hair off. I dressed frumpy. Bought a minimizer bra. Wore less make-up (the horrors!), but as hard as I tried, it was like swimming against a white water current! What’s my type? You ask? I get sent on every audition for any incantation of the stripper/call girl/prostitute/bimbo/slut! Now I have embraced my type. Let’s face it at least I’m getting the auditions, and that character is really not a hard one to play. Not very complex at all! But that entails looking the part. And I’m sure everyone would agree that that ‘type’ is blonde, big boobed, made-up to the hilt, and TANNED!! Blonde, I take care of that at home every 3 weeks with lightest ash blonde and 40 volume, Big boobs, god took care of that and Victoria’s Secret helps. Make-up provided by all the wonderful products we review for Meg’s make-up. So that just leaves TAN. Now, I am over 30, and prone to irregular freckles (I’ve had about 30 biopsies and two dug out and stitched up with 15 stitches). So you can imagine this chick does NOT want to sit in a tanning booth or out in the sun! I avoid the sun as if I was a “vampire hooker from hell” (which is also the title of the last film I read for!).

Thank goodness for Dove Energy Glow! It’s a daily moisturizer with a subtly self tanner built right in. Just slather it on after you shower, in place of your normal moisturizer and over a few days it gradually builds a beautiful summer glow! You don’t have to let it dry before getting dressed, it just absorbs right into your skin! You can see a considerable difference from the first application, and in a few days it looks like you’ve been naughty in the sun. It has a very pleasant scent. And you wont get any weird streaks or dark spots from it. You can buy it for your specific skin tone ( I use Medium). I do recommend using normal body lotion on your feet before you apply Energy Glow, since the feet tend to be the driest part of the body, and dry skin produces a deeper color from any self tanner.

So, now that I’ve perfected my inner on-screen-hooker, I can get the outside to match too without getting skin cancer or even worse WRINKLES!! Now if only they made a cream to get my husband to pay me the big bucks for sex…….


Ps Dove also makes my favorite deodorant. And I am one of those girls that needs my deodorant to be super effective. My favorite is the Invisible Solid ‘powder’ scent!

Any other Dove fans out there !?

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