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Goddess Granny here who is sick to death of all the gloom and doom! Yes, we all know “things” could be better but honestly, I for one was starting to actually stress on a daily basis about things over which I have no control and have decided to turn it around and be thankful and to enjoy the beautiful things and people I have in my life! It’s officially SPRING and not only can we get those white shoes ready to rock,we can go outside with a picnic basket, something yummy to drink, a bit of bread and wine, and if one doesn’t have a special person to share the light and laughter with,you can wear something a bit skimpy now without freezing now so off with that cardy and lets go out and play in the SUN!

My numero-uno bit of advice for any/all of you who want to stay as supple and gorgeous as a Spring Chicken is to stay out of the sun…but…you just said to go out and play in it???

That’s why I am a HUGE advocate of sunscreens: I will agree that initially,the zinc-y,cake-y, nasty-smelling ones on the market were absolutely less than and who wanted to smear THAT crap on a beautifully cleansed face? They’ve come a long way baby and I am currently loving the one in the “gift bag designed for angels” that cam to me from Miz Meg named “Doctor T’s Supergoop!” When you finish rolling your eyes and giggling,let me chat it up a bit for you and you will become a believer:model-gorgeous Holly Thaggard teamed up with her super-doc Dad in law to create the ultimate (to my way of thinking!) way to prevent skin cancer starting at the earliest possible age that would be easy,incredibly effective,and most of all fun for everyone to get in the habit of using every single day!
I am in awe because they’ve managed to come up with not only a formula that’s creamy, light, and non-greasy but also one that is FREE of all those nasty chemicals so many have. An organic and eco-friendly formula that feels like a luxury cream when you apply it because it also contains beneficial vitamins and nutrients to insure the continuing health of your skin! Unlike most sun protection out there,it’s safe for the smallest of kids so you can get them using it right from the get go! (I wish we had been taught to cover up, seriously…we used to later up with baby oil and iodine and BAKE...OMG.)
It comes in a variety of options,all reasonably priced, from a “quick stick” that’s perfect for on the go protection to a honkin’ wall-mounted 52oz. version for the bathouse or pool area…everything in this line is edited and efficient and they’re getting RAVE reviews!

We have all heard the stories of  how invasive and persitant skin cancer can be so  rather than have one more “thing” to worry about,I totally believe that this is the BEST product in my beautiful pink goodie-bag of love! Might not be the most glam or the most coveted but let me tell you,it’s amazing and I also LOVE that I can flip the cap with one hand and decorate myself even while speeding down the highway in my convertible as well as smear a loving glob on anyone in the passenger seat, LOL!

This is seriously good stuff and although I’m not sure it was “intended” as a perfect base for makeup adding an SPF of 30!I find it’s wonderful and has NO ill effects on my uber-sensitive skin! Much better than the sticky “baby formulas” I’ve had to use for years and so much cooler.
Start a new habit and introduce your skin to Parsol 1789,the terriffic sun-block in Dr. T’s…every cell on your body will thank you,you’ll get a LOT fewer wrinkles as the years go by.The peace of mind you will have knowing you are kicking one potential “nasty” to the door is priceless! I’m not asking you to give up any of those “aging” habits that many of us have, just add one new one to your routine and use sunscreen every single day.
You’ll thank me when you too are a “Goddess Granny” and not a wrinkled crone.There’s enough out there to get us so let’s fight back where we can!
Buy it here and go out the door beautiful, skipping happily, and SAFE! :

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